2 Types of Beauties of the world

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    There are 2 types of beauties in this World.

    One which attract us and would force our mind to enjoy it...like the opposite sex involved in material life, gadget, games, clothing, travelling, Cinema, any thing or anybody who develops greed is us.

    One which attract us and makes us feel bliss, gets peace, gets us closer to God like the beauty of saints, pure devotees, harikatha, kirtan, Vedic chants, beautiful devotees wearing tilak and kanthi etc.

    Those things which keeps us involved in material things comes with free package of problems let it be any type of relationships from wife to kids, friends etc or any material things, if we calculate how much we enjoyed and how much trouble they caused would be a ratio of 1:10, in which enjoyment is hardly 1 % and other 9 we suffered.

    Those things and people which gets peace in mind, makes us feel pure and devotional, keeps us calm in good and bad times, keeps us far from material pleasure, satisfied, makes us little upset with material relationships and stupid discussion, makes us positive always, life gets filled with confidence and faith more in worst times. Such type of beauty we need to search for.

    The common thing given by God in every living specie is Love, we fall in love with material things and people because we find them attractive and the reason for such attraction is mentioned in Shrimad bhagwad Gita - it says, material world is beautiful only because it is a mere reflection of Spiritual world, we fall in love with the shadow of God's creation but not with God and his spiritual world which is the reason we are always in search of peace and love by eating sleeping pills, go for laughter clubs, shopping, addiction of food and alcohol, travel, make and break relationship, watching telivision...etc and peace is never to be found in these things, place or people......problems, negative people, material things was there yesterday, today and would remain forever but we won't. We need not change our lifestyle according to our physical need and mental greed but according to our spiritual needs which will keep us satisfied and bring us closer to Krishna.

    ||HaRE krIsHna||

    Via: Dhaval Yash Das

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