5 Things That Are Certain To Happen In Life

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    Age, Fame, Money, Education, Death. These 5 things in every persons life are already decided within the mothers womb as mentioned in Mahbharata 5000 years back and also confirmed by Kautilya Chanakya Pandit 2365 years back

    Ayu karmacha vitancha vidhya nidhan mevcha panchaytani shradhyante garbhastehe dehena.

    Age - Is never calculated by years but the breaths we take. So the Asthama patient die early & yogis who stop breathing, lives longer.

    Fame - Anything big that we might do and even after death our name remains, this fame comes with us since past life good deeds like charity, donating wells, food, shelter to poors, caring for animals etc.

    Money - no matter we work hard or we do not we would only get paid what's in our destiny because even after working hard we might get peanuts in salary and sometimes those who hardly work gets a bag of gold.

    Education - no matter how best teacher we got or The best school, if Brihaspati is not in our kundli we might remain illiterate throughout life and if he is present uptill certain age, we can get the highest degree in life. Education has nothing to do with money because even MBA and PHD students are found as waiters in hotels and the illiterates are the biggest business man on earth for eg the Diamond industry is completely run by such type of people.

    Death - No place to hide, let it be the best hospital or behind bullet proof cars, no one can escape death which comes at a particular time, place & a reason as a medium.

    Sometimes we think this teacher helped me reach this level or this person helped me developed my Business or this person was the reason behind someone's death etc but the truth is, that teacher, that partner in business, the person behind deaths are just the medium planted by our own destiny in our previous lives. If I put a seed of mango I can't expect coconut, same way the seed that we had sown in past and so shall it reap.

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