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    Pratap, the youngster, had always cherished the dream to be an IPS officer to shoot the criminals on their forehead because he had to suffer a lot by the criminals around him in native place; but being a part of middle-class family, he had not enough facilities to fulfill the task and his only hope was his hard-work and devotion towards studies. There was another family in the same building where lived Priya, a lovely black-eyed pretty girl in her teens with black curly-hair. Priya and Pratap loved each other very much, but quietly and smoothly. They talk only through their eyes. There was no correspondence except exchanging of love through eyes to the souls. Priya, the brunette, was fond of dancing and it was her jingling steps during the first day of Navratra festival that captivated Pratap’s heart unknowingly. She was in pink and her cheeks with a rosy glow had given her a look like single red-rose in the garden which was dancing overflowing with joy in the gust of wind. She was the Venus star among the galaxy of stars. Her naughty eyes and dancing smiles on her lips took his heart under her grip very gently. Moreover, on the final day of the festival programme, when she was awarded with the title of Dandiya-Queen of Antophill Area, Pratap couldn’t help his heart falling in love with her. Priya, too, fell pray of his eyes-full with love and respect for her.

    Now, whenever Pratap comes in front of her home, she, too, comes out of her home, stands against the wall having her one hand at her waist and staring at his face motionlessly, only twinkling her eyes frequently. Pratap also forgets the world around him and absorbs himself in the depth of her lovely black-eyes. There is fast love between them, but social responsibilities and restrictions have hung a curtain of perplex ion; despite their eyes shoot at their hearts and they dream of being consorts.


    On one hand, the couple of love was absolutely submerged in affection for one another, the world, on the other hand was heading towards a grave danger. Extreme selfishness of some developed countries like America and France was making danger for not only human beings but also for all living and non-living things. Two small countries- India and Pakistan came across for something wrong between one another and decided to go to the crusade. Some countries sided with India and some sided with Pakistan. The war broke out and soon it took each and every country under its grip. Thus, the third world war took place. Peace loving mankind had become bellicose. They began to destroy one another, but it was only a tip of the iceberg. The people seemed so frenzied that they appeared very much thrust of annihilation. They were ready to go at libitum to get rid of others. They were destroying one another even in half hearted spirit.

    In this very evening they started bouncing bombs In Antophill Area. People became afraid of the situation. They began to seek shelter. There was nothing but hubbub and cry with terror everywhere. They had lost their infatuation of the family and property. Every potter had his own axe to grind. They were trying their level best to escape death, but it could not seem possible. Perhaps people were adamant to meet with a global annihilation. Pratap’s family was also seeking shelter for escaping death but Pratap let them go without giving his company, for he was eager to see Priya, who at this time was horrified and was unable to decide what to do or not She was stepping to and fro looking fearfully the flying people. She had already lost her family. Pratap called out her. She instantly moved towards him. She was in black Gujrati dress. The reddish in her cheeks had turned into pale due to fear. Her black hair spread over her shoulders was giving her a look like evening moon of full moon day in the sky; and Bindi at her forehead was like the star at the moon. She came by him with perplexed heart; could speak nothing but looking at his face fearfully. “Priya,” asked Pratap, “We are going to die later or sooner. I know you love me very much and so do I. Shall we enjoy the remaining breaths of life together?” She, at once, was ready and forgot, what was happening around her. Priya, as well as, Pratap overflowing in emotion of love forgot the fear of the situation and set out for a good shelter to have maximum breaths of life together. There was nothing but love in and around them.

    “Where shall we go?” asked Priya, “Buildings are being destroyed.” “I know. Let’s come”. They rushed towards Antop Hill leaving behind flying people and destroying buildings. They mounted up and came into NeelKanth Mahadev temple. Priya sat by Pratap and Pratap held her hand strongly. “We can enjoy here more and more breath of life because this place is far off the city.” The air raids were going on. Soon a bomb exploded near them, but the couple of love was beyond the world now. They were filled with emotion of love and despite deep dark; they were absorbed in sharing of love. Their eyes were glowing in the dark and there was nothing but love in them. Just then more bombs were dropped and the temple began to crack and fragment of the built part of the temple began to fall down. “I had cherished a dream to make you my wife.” Said Pratap, a bit sorrowfully, “But there is no prospect to end the war just now. We have only a few breaths to enjoy together.” “Let the future go. Enjoy the present. Don’t think of eventualities. I am much pleased and lucky as I got you so nearer to me. A few moments with you are far better than a long isolation. If God will, I would be with you even after passing away from earth.” Pratap was very pleased to listen to her and kissed her forehead. Just then there became a great clamor of explosion and another, too, at the same time. The clamors were so terrifying that they quacked each and every home and demolished it to ground. It instantly muted the human cry. Priya clung to Pratap. Pratap took her under his arms. Just then the roof of the temple fell down with walls. The temple turned into debris soon. ********************************

    There was deep silence and deep darkness all over the place. Nothing was seen alive, neither at nearby nor at far off. There was no sign of life. Nothing was seen but twinkling stars in the sky. Suddenly, someone seemed panting and heaving heavily, as if, they had made a great effort to do something intractable just now, and are having a sigh of relief. They were two figures-one was a lad and another one was a lass, lying on the ground. After a long run, the girl mumbled, "I fear." "Don't worry; I am with you. Have patience. There would be no harm now. You see, there is no bombing now. Perhaps the war got end. Pakistan has given in and my country India got victory. "You are right, but see no one is at nearby places ..... even not single cattle. The night-deep and dark is awfully trembling me with fear. " "Oh! Don't mind. You speak as a horror-stricken. This is our trying moment." He pressed her hand affectionately. "Let's have a rest. We will look for the people in the morning." They had a sound sleep. After a long run, Priya opened her eyes but it was still too dark. She closed her eyes again, but couldn't sleep. Pratap too, awakened and was astonished at the darkness. He uttered to be in a fix, "What happened with the sun? How did the night become so long? I think I have slept nearly seven or eight hours and still it is too dark". "What will we do now?" said Priya to be at a fix. "Wait, we will wait until morning comes. What else can we do in so deep darkness?" She uttered something meaninglessly to herself, and then began to look the starry sky. Suddenly she recalled her mind and expressed her doubt, "Pratap, look! The sky is full with stars” "Yes, I see", said Pratap, with full of love and joy. "You…… You know, it was full-moon day yesterday!" said Priya. "Yes, I know" "Now, where is the moon today?" She could speak in light voice. "It should be in the sky, but how is the sky so dark! What happened with the moon? Pratap got puzzled at this fact and began to observe the starry sky and surprisingly he exclaimed, "0 My God! What happened with the world? How it happened so unexpectedly!" He was wet with perspiration in seconds. Priya asked with fear, "What have you noticed? Please tell me; what wrong is going on?" Pratap, too, was perplexed but tried to reply Priya. "I am surprised at the location of the asterism and constellation," "What wrong happened? What have you found?" "Look, the location of the small bear in eastern horizon. Is it possible? The Alfa star of the small bear so called the pole star is not seen anywhere. Look, the Orion constellation above our head. How has it become possible to be seen in this month like March? We see stranger stars and constellations, too that were above sight so far." They stepped onwards with trembling legs. "There is no sign of the moon in the firmament. It seems we are in a stranger world." " 0 My God! What happened with us? Where are we now?" Her voice resounded and rested soon, but answers were beyond mind. "Where are we going?" "I, too, don't know, but am trying to find out somebody else".
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    "Oh! It is still too dark. I doubt we are not on earth." Pratap didn't reply but cried- "0 listen! Have you felt some stranger sound so far?" "No", she answered paying attention to the sound and cried, "Yes, it is a stranger sound of rustling. Feel, the earth under feet is quacking. It is my illusion or it is real-I am not clear." "You are right, the earth is quaking like a plying boat in the river and it is all clear." Just then Priya knocked down something and the thing cried out in light voice with great fear and pain, but like a dying voice it got mum soon. Priya as well as Pratap on the other hand clung to one another with great fear. The couple could not step more, for their legs have gone out of order. They sit down but were staring at the thing even in deep darkness. Priya fainted soon in Pratap's arms. Pratap was too frightened to take care of her. He was still trying to look into the dark. After a long run, they got conscious. Priya opened her eyes but kept lying in pratap's arms. Just then a disappeared figure of a woman suddenly appeared weeping bitterly, speaking abracadabra and passed by them the same way to the lying body. They could hear her stepping towards and knocking the body but the expected cry couldn't be heard of. Perhaps the couple has been habituated of the astonishment so far. So they were as horrified as before. "Oh! Look the horizon, it is getting red," Priya jumped with joy. "Either the sun or the moon is coming out." "Yes, of course. This is why I could mark the figure of the crying woman in the obscurity." "We will be soon in broad day light or in moonlit night." They walked towards the light. They stumbled several times but were still going on. The horizon was getting lighted. While walking towards the light they heard some cries with fear

    and pain. They also came across the persons crying and panting hard. They were horrified, tried their levels best to deafen the poignant and stinging cries to fly away far off places as soon as they could, but they couldn't. They felt also odorous smell from burnt flashes and dead bodies. They fell down in precarious condition. They were now more than a match. Some time passed, then, Priya mumbled sitting by him, "I am severing with cold." "Just wait a few minutes, the sun is coming out." “I.. .... I think we are not on earth." "What! How can you say so?" "Don't you know-the days were too hot to live a single moment without fan." "Yes, I know." " I think we are not human beings." "What! What you say?" "Yes, recall your mind. We were in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. The air raids were going on. Mean while there became two great explosions. The terrifying clamors quacked the earth and turned the temple in to debris. We were covered with debris in minutes. I clung to you and now I am sure, we are already dead." "Then, what are we now?" "We are none but sprits of the bodies. Perhaps, we are in 'YAMLOK', so called the planet Pluto." She further asked, "You see everything is at sixes and sevens here. There is no moon and the night is too long. You see there is too cold here and the higher the sun is coming up the colder it is getting up. The earth is far off here and so the sun is too far from us. This is why, the sun rays is not warm." "Perhaps, you are right." "Look at the sun. Isn't it shorter and less lightened than before?" "Well, but what is this kind of cry meant for?" "They are bad spirits and are being punished by the YAMRAJ, I suppose. there would have been some shortcomings of us, too, consequently, we are facing this kind of difficulties and still we don't know what will happen with us." "But, why are we so free?" "We are not free. We are being punished too, in this way. Don't you see we are dying from cold; being forced to breathe such odorous air and are unable to deafen the horrible cries?" "Yes”, Pratap said, “but we are fortunate, for God did leave you so nearer to me even after the death. Pratap was gazing her lovingly at her clever talk. Only her fair face was visible in dark. Her black dress added the intensity of darkness. She felt his eyes on her face and cast her eyes in shame instantly. Pratap gave her a sign of love at her forehead. "Let's come somewhere else to find warmer place. "

    They stood up but Priya was pulled down. As soon as she looked back, she cried out with terror. A badly burnt face was stuck to her. Its skull, teeth and temple were seen all clear. She again ran with Pratap, but the burnt body was behind her, too. Now Pratap kicked its face and it fell on to the ground. They looked it was a dead body. It stuck to her clothing in this long duration. Pratap consoled her saying not to fear. You know we are not human beings, we are souls of bodies and so we can't die again. But we have to suffer for our misdeeds. We should thank God to be so kind on us to let us so nearer to each other. Let's come.” They walked onwards severing with cold. There was light everywhere. They got a blanket and wrapped both of them with it, "Oh! We are far off bad smell now," Priya stared at him with love, and Pratap embraced her. There was no fear but love in them now. Now they felt hungry and began to look for something to eat. They saw nothing but ruins of buildings, burnt trees and so on. "Oh! Look at the sun, it is getting bigger and bigger and look, it is still in horizon. " "Yes, I see, but let me search something to eat first, for I am dying of hunger." They walked into a cell and found something to eat. Then, they had it and had a sigh of relief. "But do you think where have the sweetmeats come from?" "I don't know, but let me have a rest and you, too, take a rest. I am blowing the fuel, here is something, lest we should die from cold." They made a fire and slept near its heat. They slept for a long time. When they got up, they saw the dark cell lightened. They came out of the cell but, at once, stepped back behind the wall of the cell. The external world was too lighted to caste eyes. They couldn't face dazzling effect of light at their eyes; it seemed each and every particle of the land was lightened. It appeared to be being lighted by hundreds of sun unanimously, despite, the cold was getting up and up. They saw the firmament through a hole and a dazzling sensation astonished them. They could see nothing but intense light for a single moment. "What is going to happen?" "You, as well as, I don't know. But first let the fire blow or we will die soon from cold." She smiled and Pratap fixed his eyes at her smiling face. He was fascinated for a little while. Priya said, "Don't you know, we are not living beings. We are souls of the living bodies and.." " ....and we are in YAMPURI, you mean don't you?" "Yes, I suppose," she spoke to be at fix, looking his face. "But, what is this? What do you mean by debris here and there all around, and the sweetmeats you eat, and the fuel you blow? What is that lighting in the sky? Do you think them sun even now? It is not the sun, on the contrary, it is some stranger celestial body." "Then, what are we and where are we ..... !" She mumbled with terror. "I don't know too." He hit his fist against the wall with great annoyance. "It would have been better, if we had died." “Are we alive?” "Yes." He turned towards her, embraced her and sucked her lips for a little while. "You see, we are not souls of human beings. We are living beings yet. Can a spirit eat food, touch one another and kiss like me?" She couldn't speak but gazing at his annoyed face. Pratap ran and took her under his arms over flowing in emotion. The fuel was getting end. The cold was getting up and up. Even their bones began to sever. They noticed the cell was not as lighted as several hours before. They came out somehow or other. It was just as a sunny day in the external world. "We have to search for fuel or we will die soon. We expected for maximum moment with one another and now, we have to face the trying moment." Pratap smiled, it was not a smile but an attempt to keep the spirit up, despite Priya couldn't reply his smile. As they stepped ahead they saw water pool frozen. Everything had frozen. Barely had they stepped some meters more, they began to lose their sensation. "Ah! I can't step ahead," uttered Priya.

    Just then Pratap abruptly came across a sight of a stranger building a few meters away. He cried out, "Have patience Priya, look, the strange house, we can reach there, if you try your level best and you must do, for this is the only alternative." Priya left no stone unturned of her will to raise it to the goal but could step only two or three more steps. It was a drastic step but she broke the bluster and fell down fainted. Pratap embracing her was looking at the house with heavy heart and fainted soon, too. Their bodies were getting colder and colder. When they gained conscience, they found themselves in a strange room lying in a comfortable bed, fully covered under quilt. They kept themselves lying for a long time but Priya couldn't help setting questions. "Where are we now?" "You can say it heaven," Pratap smiled staring at her face affectionately. Priya smiled, too. Just then a girl walked into the room, and she jumped with joy to see them talking. "Hurrah! You have got conscious. Thank God, mysterious are the ways of you!" They were looking at her with great surprise. "Who are you?" asked Pratap. "I am Nurio," said the girl. "What is Nurio?" asked Priya. "Nurio, I mean my name is Nurio. I am an American Lady." "You are an American! Where are we now?" She mumbled surprisingly.

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    "We are on the earth, don't you know?" "What!" The word jumped out of the mouths of the couple.

    She gazed them a moment to have been in a fix, then smiled and said, "I understood, why you are surprised at my answer." They looked each other. Priya asked, "How did we reach here?" The girl said, "I brought you here. I saw you wondering to and fro in the cold, pointing towards my home and fainting to death. I was looking to the outer world through my telescope. I couldn't bear this kind of compassionate exposure and I brought you here. Perhaps you are the last living things of the outer world to be alive in this annihilation, in this condition." Pratap was curious to know that what happened with the world. What were the miracles and why. He set questions before her. She smiled a mysterious smile mingled with terror. She replied, "I say once again that I am surprised to see you alive, but knows mysterious are the ways of God. It is a miracle."

    Both of them looked each other with great amazement. She further asked, "Perhaps the condition of the earth is unknown to you. Recall your minds. You would have heard two or more terrifying clamours of explosions at the same time. These were nothing but the explosions of atom bombs. Pakistan as well as India dropped atoms on to each other. At the same time, Russia dropped atoms on America and America dropped atoms on Russia. Moreover, all ill luck would have it, China dropped a great nuclear weapon on south korea at the same time. The consequence was too dangerous for the world. These great explosions deviated the earth from its orbit and now it is nothing but a wondering object in the firmament. It is floating to and fro in the space. It has lost the moon. Three hundred fifty four hours have passed since the earth deviated from its orbit." They were listening to it as a hypothetical story. It was too charismatic for them to believe. "What will happen now?" "I don't know. The hazards are intractable. No one can do anything but to live his remaining life if they are alive." "But where is the sun. Why is it too cold in the external world?" "The sun is at its place. The earth has bent more than that of before on its axis. We are in northern part of the world, so the sun can light only the southern part of the earth this time. That is why, the earth to the northern latitude is getting colder and colder. Secondly, the earth is far off the place where it was located ab initio." "What was the celestial body which is lighting the world?" "It is a comet. The earth passed by it. It was a very short distance of only sixty thousand kilometers between the earth and the comet. The earth may have hit but fortunately it proved too quick for it. We are seen alive but it is sure we will die sooner or later, for there is no condition favorable now to survive human beings on the earth." "Oh! So dangerous was the celestial body for the earth?"

    "No, it was very fortunate for the earth." "Why? How do you say so?" "The earth was floating towards the Mars. It had knocked down it so far, if the comet would not have come to pass by it, to its way to Mars. It diverted from its path and now the earth is floating towards the Jupiter." " ..... And where is the comet now?"

    "It is far off now." "But, how the world is getting lighted?" "No, the world to the northern latitude has darkened as before. You can see. Come." They came out of the room to verandas. She showed them the outer world, but they could see nothing but deep darkness.

    "Now, let's come to my laboratory." "Laboratory! What kind of laboratory?" Where are we now?" "You are in my home .... a flying disc." "What! We are in a flying disc?" "Yes," she smiled "But, why are you in India, for you are an American lady?" "Most part of the earth has sunk into sea. There was also bad environment for my flying disc. Let's go." They came into a big room full of machines. "Who else lives here?" "Only my papa, Mr. Nukmen." "Your papa, where is he? We haven't seen him so far."

    "He is in his laboratory." "Is there another laboratory here?" "Yes, let's come. I show you the earth floating in space." She pushed some keys and some scenes came out on the screen.

    "Look, this is the solar system. This is the sun. You can see all the planets on their orbits except the earth. However, they too are now not in their proper locations." She pushed another keys and said, "Look it was the orbit of the earth. Now you can see the earth floating to the Jupiter. Here is it, see the deviated rout of the earth." "What will happen to earth now?" "I don't know. But we can guess. First the earth may not break the gravitational chain of the solar system. So it will float within it. Secondly, if it goes in outer space it may be pulled by other heavenly bodies. Then, it may go round that one or may knock it down and destroy. If it comes under the gravitational pull of some star, it may destroy into that to end its existence. " She pushed one more key and a curved line came out on the screen. "You can see the line so nearer to the Mars. It was only seventy lakh kilometer far from the Mars." She showed them another celestial body floating in the firmament and called it the Moon. "Oh! Once again the humane foolishness demolished the world to nothing," Pratap exclaimed with sorrow. "Perhaps, the reason of annihilation of the larger civilizations of the past would have been the vertex of human self that had made their fortitude beyond limitation. What way the self motivated men have left the Zenith of the annihilation this time; it seems there would not be possible the resurrection of the living beings in remote future." "Now you go back to your cell. There would be something to eat. Have and take a rest." They turned back to go, just then she asked, "Please, tell me who are you? You haven't told me so far?' "We are best friends by the name of Priya and Pratap." They came back to cell. *************************************** "Oh! Nurio, don't you know, here are not enough things even for us to survive for a long time; and you have brought two more persons. There would be lack of oxygen here. What will you do?" Someone was reproaching her with great annoyance. "Papa, I have already told you, I couldn't see them in their precarious condition. It was very compassionate exposure. Please be so kind on them and let them live here. They are very gentle but horrified." "Meet me first to them." "It's okay. Let's come." They walked into the cell. Pratap got up instantly. "Pratap meet him, he is my father." Pratap folded his hands but he did not reply it, he was staring at him furiously. Pratap awakened Priya. She got up in a hurry and looked fearfully. "See him. He is Miss Nurio's father." She folded her hands but instead of accepting her greets, he was gazing her steadily from foot to face. Priya cast down her eyes in shameful fear. Pratap was in a fix-what to do or not. He looked instantly and said, "It's all right. You can live here." "Thank you," Pratap could speak. He walked out. In a few days, they became friendly but there emerged a great problem. Nurio fell in love with Pratap and her father massed upon the glamour or Priya. They asked them in for love but both of them laughed it away. Love between Priya and Pratap getting deeper and deeper day by day.

    Now the sun was coming out in the horizon. Every frozen thing began to melt. The day was getting warmer and warmer. In a few days there were no nights. The sun was lighting the world whole hours of the day. The day becomes hotter. Here, once, Nurio set her heart before Pratap. She was also agree to live with Priya. She was out of emotion with lovelorn. But Pratap called her love as a Judas kiss; despite she could not refrain from asking him in for love. *

    Pratap saw Priya coming once again in black Gujrati dress. She looked gorgeous. Holding her ghaghra in both hands, she was coming slowly as if the beautiful moon with black clouds were coming. Black bindi at her forehead, pink on her lips and necklace around her neck enhanced her beauty. Her perplexed face with romantic feeling gave her a mysterious look. She saw Pratap who was staring at her face and smiled. Pratap was absorbed into her beautiful face. She came near him and asked, "What are you looking at?" "I am looking your beautiful face-so gorgeous and so innocent. Your beauty is a feast for my eyes. Let me have it completely." Priya cast down her eyes. The reddish in her cheeks came out to add her beauty. Pratap held her face in his hands and fixed his eyes at her face. Priya, too, put her alluring eyes into his. "Priya, I am nothing but for you. I am not without love for you." He bent on her face to kiss her intoxicating lips. She put her face into his chest. Pratap held her under his arms and asked lovingly, "What happen? You look worried?" She couldn't reply. Pratap held her face in his hands and asked, "Why are you so absent minded? What wrong happened?" She mumbled, "Nurio loves you." "So what" "She is ready to live with us." "No, I am only for you and you are only for me. No one can come between us."

    "But this is the only alternative." "No, you know we are going to die even here sooner or later. So I am not giving in before them. Let them push us out to die." "But we have cherished to have maximum hours with us. I know you are for me only. This will be just a compromise with the situation." Priya clung to him.
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    "Pratap, hun tane prem karun chhu. Hun tane gumavuva nathi mangati." She burst into tears. Pratap embraced her tightly. Ultimately, Pratap agreed to break the church with Nurio but the grave nuisance was her father, who wanted to marry Priya now. Once he met Pratap and said to give Priya to him and enjoy with Nurio to get married. Pratap fell upon him. He lashed out him and said, "You are mashed upon flashes. Don't you see she is younger than even your daughter? What, at best, can you do pushing us out? Push me out, but you can't do so," "Don't be silly young man. Come in your sense. You know all of us going to die sooner or later. Enjoy the life. You can't live a single moment in outer world. Only here can you enjoy at best of your life. " "It is nothing but a storm in the tea cup. You are making smoke screen dialogue. We are at one and in uniformed emotion. Neither she nor I will agree with you. We would die once for all rather than die bit by bit." "All right, I will teach you a lesson soon." Another time he met Priya and made up to her exclusively and said, "If you answer a 'no' I will push Pratap out to die." Priya was between the devil and the deep sea. She made several requests but he didn't move by entreaty. Once, he wanted forcibly to marry her off; meanwhile, Pratap reached and took him on his fists. He struck on his collarbone with 'Karate Chap' and he fainted very soon. They took him to his laboratory and seated him on a chair. Pratap put his finger on some keys, just then a strange beam of rays came out of a whole and snagged him to death. He bent down on the key-board.


    Nurio wanted to make her father agree to the proposal with Pratap to marry with him. She waited for a long time. At last, she walked into his father's laboratory and saw her father dead. She cried out with sorrow. Pratap with Priya came and consoled her. Nurio examined the situation that passed his father away. When the couple went out she took photos of the eyes of the dead body. When she developed it, she became furious. ************************************************* "Priya! Priya!" Pratap was looking for Priya. Just then he came across Nurio and asked, "Have you seen Priya?"

    "Yes," she replied coldly.

    "Where is she?"

    "You ..... You killed my father, I pushed her out to die. Now we can live together."

    Pratap cried out with sorrow, "No! No!! ……… Priya!!!" He ran out of the door.

    He was crying also for Priya even when his father was awaking him. He had taken him under his arms. When he opened his eyes, he began to look every thing surprisingly; in fact, he was unable to decide what was happening and what that was. Priya, with her mother, was looking at his face surprisingly. When Pratap saw Priya, she cast down her eyes in shame. A sweet smile full in shame began to play at her lips. Just then Priya's father walked into with a news paper in hands- "THE WAR BETWEEN INDIA AND PAKISTAN AND ALL OVER THE WORLD HAS GOT END,"

    It was the headline on the front page.
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