Aadhik Maas

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    The lunar calendar adds one extra month every third year. This extra month is known by various names: ADHIK MAAS, Mal Maas, Purushottam Maas, Malimmacha. This is the thirteenth month of the lunar calendar. As per this one month in every 2 and a half years are considered as EXTRA MONTH

    The Aadhik Maas has a great significance of worship, fasting, charity, chanting of Mantras and austerity is mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures. Although there is utmost importance given to Charity, Virtues and Bhajan , Sankirtan etc in Vedic religion throughout the year, but it is Like Sone Pe Suhaga

    When these rituals are performed during “Adhik Maas”, one of the few special months.

    Strictly avoid intention of worldly gains ( Selfless actions, without the expectations of results, are to be performed during Adhik Maas.) during Adhikamass as mentioned in scriptures –“न कुर्यादधिके मासि काम्यं कर्म कदाचन.”

    During “Adhik Maas”, marriages, Tonsures (Mundan), Inaugurations of new Home, fasting with desire of some worldly gains, buying new ornaments and vehicles are prohibited.

    According to various Scriptures, procedure of the fast during Malmass is as follows:

    1. According to Bhavishyaottar Puran, during all days of Adhik Mass, In 2012 Adhikmas is from Saturday 18th August to Sunday, 16th September in the midnight. It starts with Amavasya and ends with Amavasya.

    In the Year 2012 this is the Aadhik Bhadrapada Mass which gives Prosperity and Happiness in Food Grains ( Dhan Dhanya Samridhi ) to Human Lives.

    Keep fast or take only one meal in a day or donate something daily. If unable to keep fast for 30 days, Choose a day at your convenience, Take a bath (Couple) , Install a Idol of Laxmi Narayana on a Kalash and Worship it dedicatly. Chant with “ Om Namo Bhagawate Vasudevay Namh:” all the day. Mal Maas Vrat (Adhik Maaas Vrat) is capable of washing away all the sins of people (who observe this Vrat). During this month austerities, fasting are undertaken and clothes, charity etc. are distributed to the needy people.
    2. According to Hemadri, worship Lord Sun everyday on the beginning of Adhik Mass. And donate grain, ghee and molasses too. Prepare 33 “Puaas” of molasses (gud) and should keep these “puaas” on the container of bronze and should pray to lord Vishnnu to forbid all his sins. (in Local language it’s a DHONDE )

    3. Try or Must recite 15th chapter of Gita (Purushottam Yoga) during Purushottam Mass or Aadhik Maas.

    4. As regarding to Pooja, One should offer fresh flowers to deity and chant each mantra of Shri Sukta with various names of Lord Vishnu along with it as given below:
    1. कूर्माय 2. सहस्त्र शीष्णे 3. देवायः 4. सह्स्त्राक्षपादाय 5. हरये 6. लक्ष्मीकान्ताय 7. सुरेश्वरायः 8. स्वयभुवे 9. अमिततेजसे 10. ब्रह्मप्रियाय 11. देवाय 12. ब्रह्मगोत्राय.

    After reciting these names, one should also perform Arghya thrice.
    As per Astrology, if a native belonging to a certain zodiac sign follows the do’s and don’ts as given below, every one should get immense divine blessings and reaps infinite virtues (Punya). Remember, one should make it a point not to do these things with any desire of Worldly Gains.

    Natives of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius should recite “Aditya Hairdiya Strota” and Pay Arghya in honour of Lord Sun.

    Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces should take holy dip into the Ganga and should worship Lord Varun.

    Natives of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius should worship Lord Hanuman.

    Natives of Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn should meditate and chant mantras sitting on an ‘asana’ spread on earth.

    It is now clear that all acts like worship, fasting, donating alms, austerity and holy bath etc. in this Aadhik Maas will carry more blessings with well wishes and eliminate the sins of previous births.

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