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    The ancient Indian texts (Mahabharata, Ramayana, the Vedas.) Has a great many detailed descriptions of aircraft, the so-called Vimana, which moved across the sky gods, with their flights took place both in space and between continents.

    In Hindu and Buddhist temples have enough frescoes with the Higher World events, they have it all divine, the gods descended from heaven on his chariot, is represented very advanced and intelligent people who know the truth, I am the way, too, for it is because there they have everything neatly, and nothing does not deny, on the contrary everything is divine. Aliens - it's the gods and the angels of God. In the Bible, there is an interesting place, where it is mentioned about some aircraft. For example, mention is made of how Ezekiel saw "wheel" that raised him to the other, the upper wheel (Ezekiel 1, 16). Those. One UFO rose in Ezekiel another UFO. And it was not just knowledge, it was the reality. In the Book of Revelation says that when the world is close to the transition state, a city (Rev. 21, 2-27) will appear in the sky. There is likely to question about the mother ship. All this is very interesting and makes us think about the fact that man was created by the Higher World, not on different theories of simian origin. Also this hint and ancient frescoes and pyramids found on the Moon and Mars, also a skull found on Mars. And by the way Christ had no such pride, as the conversations that apart from him, there are no gods, plus he did not say that if you want to attack and kill, then turn the other cheek, to kill this people have come up with. The man fell not very highly developed, people used a lot that they could, and walked on the water and flew and did not even grow old, and then it's all taken away, because too spiteful man. The ships on a fresco in the Temple. Gods from ships. Such phenomena Altitude portrayed very smart people who have been on the knowledge higher than some people today, even in the same spirit the modern world, they showed a lot of truth. Such Higher World events have always been, and to deny it, then show that person and not on a high level of spiritual development, man is not the crown of nature, since only does it destroy the planet as such a creature could ever be the crowning of the Earth, a man was taken away a lot of skills because it is not very committed to the mission of goodwill and the High Peace realized that people in the world will be consuming a lot.
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