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Discussion in 'Hinduism' started by Aloisia, Mar 10, 2016.

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    I have a question I've been wanting to ask but felt that maybe it's not a great question -- but here I go!

    I have four dogs. Three of the four are just Dogs by nature, who do typical Doggy things. One of them, however, is very different. He seems much more conscious than the other two. He talks a lot and we have extensive conversations -- I could swear that he pretty fully understands. In so many ways, he seems like he really wants to be a person. Is it possible that he is headed for a higher incarnation, or am I turning into the crazy Dog lady?

    This dog even sits with closed eyes when i do meditation.

    Aum Shanti,
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    The answer will be different, varying on sect. So I'll give you my personal POV. Sometimes human are reborn as dogs. If, at the point of death, the human was really confused (drug addiction, alcoholism, or sudden tragic death like a car accident) and didn't intuit how the transition into a new body should go, the soul will just 'hop' into a dog. Sp most likely this is a single lifetime event, and that dog was a human and will return to being one next lifetime.
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    Just as some people operate at higher levels of consciousness than others, so to do some of the higher animals. I am also a Dog lover by nature and Many a years back I had dog, whom I shall always remember as a special being.

    Read the Gita, Upanishads and the Vedas to your cat and in this way you may raise that special little atman to a higher level in it's next existence.

    There was a famous Sage (though I cannot recall his name at the moment) who was meditating upon a deer at the time of his death and reincarnated as a deer. (as far as i remember i saw it in upanishad ganga series by Chinmaya mission ) However while existing in the form of a deer the Sage sought out the Aesthetics in the forest and eavesdropped on their spiritual discourses and thereby became enlightened and escaped samsara.

    All Dharmis should strive to raise up those Atmans they come in contact with regardless of their present material form.

    You seem to old member you should be atleast checking forum posts once in a while :)

    Jai Ho

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