Baudhayana (Pythagoras) Theorem

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    This theorem is used almost by everybody in some point of life. But do you know that it was stated by an Indian priest and Mathematician, Baudhayana, several centuries before the western mathematician?

    Referring the Sulbha Sutra, circa 800 BC, we get the following verse:

    "A rope stretched along the length of the diagonal produces an area which the vertical and horizontal sides make together."

    This is the earliest explanation to what we familiarly refer to as the Pythagoras theorem. Though this discovery was made atleast 500 years before Pythagoras, the world still refers to this important mathematical axiom as the "Pythagorean" theorem rather than Baudhayana's theorem.

    Baudhayana made several other important discoveries, some of which we use regularly, while others are used in higher level maths.

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