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    1. "Hinduism is the mother of all religions" - Swami Vivekananda.

    2. "That which we call the Hindu religion is really the Eternal religion because it embraces all others" - Sri Aurobindo

    3. "To my mind', our religion is truer than any other religion, because it never conquered. Because it never shed blood, because its mouth always shed on all, words of blessing, of peace, words of love and sympathy. It is here and here alone that the ideals of toleration were first preached. And it is here and here alone that toleration and sympathy become practical; it is theoretical in every other country; it is here and here alone, that the Hindu builds mosques for the Mohammedans and churches for the Christians.” - By S. Balasundar

    4. "Say it with pride : we are Hindus" - Swami Vivekananda.

    5. "I'm definitely a practicing Hindu" - Julia Roberts

    6. "What I found particularly fascinating and satisfying about the Hindu tradition was its spirit of inclusiveness. In Sanatan Dharma, or what is commonly called Hinduism, I discovered the basic truths of all religions in a way that the oneness of God and religion is comprehensively understood" - Radhanath Swami

    7. "I'm very moved by chaos theory, and that sense of energy. That quantum physics. We don't really, in Hindu tradition, have a father figure of a God. It's about cosmic energy, a little spark of which is inside every individual as the soul" - Bharati Mukherjee

    8. "Hindu religion does not consist in struggles and attempts to believe a certain doctrine or dogma, but in realizing not in believing, but in being and becoming." - Swami Vivekananda.
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    tnx for posting, now even i will be posting quotes :)

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