Bhaiya Dooj

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    his festival is observed in Kartik on Shukl Ditya. This is also called Yama Ditya or Bhatri Ditya. Its main aim is to establish and maintain mutual love between the brother and the sister. On this day, the sisters worship berry trees and wish welfare of their brothers, offer them sweets and apply tilak on their forehead. The brothers visit their sisters. Yama Raja (Dharam Raja) and Yamuna (Children of god surya) are worshipped on this auspicious day. It was on this day the Yama raja visited his sister Yamuna and Gokul. The brother, who after bath in Yamuna or some other sacred river, visits her sister, no longer gets terror stricken by the thought of Yama raja, the god of death.

    On the day of Bhhaya Dooj, the Keyasthas in U.P. worship their clan deity Chitragupt, who is said to have been the mental creation of god B’rhma and is the one mentioned in the Puranas as a divine incarnation, and the one who was responsible for the maintenance of records of births and deaths in the world, and the one who had blessed Keyastha clan with the award of education and knowledge. On Bhhaya Dooj, the keyasthas worship Chitragupt, as also the pride of their dynasty, the pen and the inkpot.

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