By the intense desire for Liberation, the Perfect Master is achieved

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    Once there was a young man in South America, in the '70s, who had a tremendous desire to know the truth about God. His Christian upbringing taught him that one had to have faith in God's existence, but that was not enough for him. This man, we shall call him 'Raul', started searching for the truth and used to read all kind of literature about the subject, Buddhism, Yoga, Mysticism, etc., but still he could not get to the true realization. So he decided to change his lifestyle and started performing meditation very regularly. He did not know how to meditate, but tried to follow some guidelines from Buddhism and Yoga literature. Raul continued doing like this for a couple of months, and one day he met a yogic monk, a man dressed in saffron clothes from India. Then after a few weeks Raul got initiated in Tantra meditation by Shrii A'nandamu'rtiji through the media of that monk. After a period of around a year, then, he got the first realization in meditation and most of his questions about God found an answer.

    That is why it is said in the Tantric scriptures: when your desire is so intense to know Him, then he will find you. You do not need to find the Guru, for a true spiritual aspirant the Guru will choose you in due time.
    What is the true meaning of guru? In the present times guru has become a generic term. There are so many gurus - guru of economics, guru of P.R., guru of internet, so many gurus.
    The sanskrit term Guru is divided in two syllables: Gu + Ru. Gu means "darkness", and Ru means "to dispel" or "dispeller". Therefore, Guru signifies "He who dispels the darkness of mental and spiritual ignorance". So the only one who is omniscient, all-knowing and all-merciful, the Supreme Consciousness can be the dispeller of darkness, can be the Perfect Master.
    And that Supreme Guru by His boundless grace takes physical form every 3,500 years to teach the intuitional science in the form of a Spiritual Preceptor.

    There are many types of initiation in yoga and different religious practices, but Tantric initiation is very special. It is special because it does not involve any ritualistic forms or dogmas. It is just the pure spiritual relationship between Guru and disciple. It is a very intimate affair.
    In the initiation process the disciple will take an oath, will make a promise to his Guru and then will surrender his/her everything to that Divine Preceptor. The Guru in exchange will teach the spiritual process of meditation for the disciple to reach his or her goal of self realization. Not only that, but at the time of the disciple surrendering his everything to the guru, the guru will take his or her hand and constantly lead him/her to the goal for this life and beyond. This spiritual link will continue for eternity until the disciple attains Liberation.
    Moreover, during the initiation the guru will give the ishta mantra to the spiritual aspirant. This ishta mantra is not an ordinary mantra or word, but it is a siddha mantra. What is a siddha mantra? When a particular word or sound is brought by the guru in tune with His ectoplasmic rhythm, this process is called purascharana. In purascharan the mantra is elevated with the help of the guru's kulakundalinii to the spiritual realm, and therefore, the mantra becomes empowered with the capacity to elevate the mind of anybody who repeats it and therefore attain final realization. Then this empowered mantra is called a siddha mantra. Not all mantras are siddha mantra, but just a few chosen by the Sat Guru.
    At the moment of initiation, when the disciple receives the mantra from the Guru, the powerful vibration of the mantra will strike at the base of the disciple's spine, at the muladhara cakra, where kulakundalinii (the spiritual force) resides, and this vibration will awaken this power and cause it to rise gradually upwards through the disciple's plexi (cakras). This striking and awakening of the kulakundalinii is called mantra ghat in sanskrit language.
    Hence, the spiritual aspirant through regular and sincere practice and observance of his/her guru's teachings will gradually attain various spiritual realizations until the final attainment of the cherished desideratum of life.

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