Can a Hindu Woman Marry Twice or Remarry as per Hinduism ?

Discussion in 'Ask Questions' started by Ignorant, Jul 18, 2015.

  1. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    I just now saw the question about whether a Hindu women is allowed to divorcee or not and this question poped up in my mind which looks very relevant and real time question for present day world where males and females both remarry many times.

    I would love to know the Hindu point of view in this regard.
  2. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Depends on the culture, and the sect. In mine, yes, a widow or widower can remarry.
  3. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    Well I have seen widows getting remarried but Society here doesn't see it as part of Hinduism but now modern day society have started supporting it, but the age of remarriage again remains confined
    once the kids are grown, remarriage becomes nearly impossible for both male and female.

    Any reference of any religious book which shows support of remarriage in Hindu society ?
  4. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    I know of no Hindu scripture that says much at all. But for many reasons it makes sense to me to encourage it if that is the individual's will, especially for the younger ones in a nuclear family situation, not an extended family. Times change whether we like it or not, and we need to stay with the times.
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  5. Hindu

    Hindu Member Staff Member

    Well I haven't seen any such reference as if till now in any Hindu Holy book where it was mentioned that a Hindu women is allowed to marry twice, but i see reference coming from ramayana incase of Bali and its as follows :

    "naste mrte pravraje klibe ca patite tatha |
    pancastu apastsu patih anye vidhiyate ||'

    Where in there are five conditions as listed below when a female can marry twice or re-marry :
    1. If her husband is lost
    2. If her husband is dead
    3. If her husband is deserted
    4. If her husband becomes eunuch
    5. If her husband is outcasted
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  6. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    According to Hinduism there is no restriction on any freedom...anyone can do anything according to their own choice...but the most important thing is those should not hurt others.

    Men are allowed to Merry again. So women also.
    Bhagwan sees men and women as equal.
    Have faith in Bhagvan and follow your heart.
  7. Punit Garg

    Punit Garg New Member

    Widowhood and Remarriage: Rig-Veda does not mention anywhere about the practice of the burning or burial of widows with their dead husbands. Rig Veda commands thewidow to return to her house, to live with her children and grand children; and confers on her the right to properties of her deceased husband. Rig Veda clearly approves marriage of the widow. Such women faced no condemnation or isolation in the household or society. They had the right to property inherited from the dead husbands. There are riks blessing the woman and her new husband, with progeny and happiness. Rig-Veda praises Ashwin gods for protecting widows.(X.40.8)

    This rik also, confers upon her full right on house and properties of her deceased husband. [It was only in the year 1995 the Supreme Court of India interpreted Section 14(1) of the Hindu Succession Act to allow Hindu widow full ownership rights over properties she inherits from her deceased husband]

    Rig-Veda not only sanctions survival of a widow and her right to property; but also approves her marriage with the brother of her dead husband; and to live with full dignity and honor in the family. Rig Veda therefore expressly sanctions widow-marriage. Some scholars say the widow could marry any person, not necessarily the brother of the deceased husband or a relative.

    Rik (x.18.8) blesses a woman at her second marriage, with progeny and prosperity in this life time::Go up, O woman, to the world of living; you stand by this one who is deceased; come! to him who grasps your hand, your second spouse (didhisu) ,you have now entered into the relation of wife to husband.

    In rik (X.18.9) the new husband while taking the widow as his wife says to her: let us launch a new life of valor and strength begetting male children overcoming all enemies who may assail us.

    AV(XVIII.3.4) blesses the widow to have a happy life with present husband ::O ye inviolable one ! (the widow) tread the path of wise in front of thee and choose this man (another suitor) as thy husband. Joyfully receive him and may the two of you mount the world of happiness.

  8. Aum

    Aum New Member

    Hinduism unlike Islam and Christianity does not advocate dogmas .One should adapt Scriptures to one's time.
    Today when there are so many cases of divorce,how can one afford not to give it a second try ?
    Even Vali's wife Tara was remarried to Sugriva with the approval of Maryada Puroshottam Sreeman RamChandra, the Bhagavan himself.

    Vedavyasa's mother Satyavati, the wife of Maharaja Shantanu, married Parashor Muni before. So, Sanatana Hinduism supports remarriage 100%

    Even Ravana's wife was re married to Vibhishana.. Thats even in Treta Yuga , when Dharama prevails at the ratio 3:1. Hinduism supports Remarriage system I guess.
  9. love

    love New Member Staff Member

    there is no such kind of restrictions in Sanatan Dharma for both male and Female. and History is full of such kind of examples.
    Dharma does not restrict but enables to do what is right. Shiva Bless...

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