Can I convert if I'm already married?

Discussion in 'Ask Questions' started by Inkmoyers, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Inkmoyers

    Inkmoyers New Member

    I understand marriage should be between two Hindus, but in my situation that ship has already left the harbor. I have been uninterested in religion most of my life. However, I have always loved Indian culture and have over the last year or more been captivated by Hinduism. I have known some Hindus in my past and was always fascinated by them and their customs. I wanted what they had.
    I have a desire to convert but I am married to a not very devout orthodox Christian woman. I have read and searched but have not really gotten a clear insight into how to handle this. Does anyone here have any advice for me?
  2. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    You could, but not many would recommend it, as it would cause disharmony in your marriage, if not right away, then potentially. For most converts, there is no formal conversion process, they just start practicing. There are cultural factors to consider to, and that depends on location. Where are you?

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