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    * Jai Radhe * Jai Krishna * Jai Vrindavan *

    Who is Radha? Who is Krishna? What is Vrindavan? The mind seeks the answers for these questions, yet only heart can know this mystery. Strangely enough, I had so many times the experience that even people, who never had had any connection to Krishna before, felt somehow pulled to listening to the stories about him. Certain irresistible longing awakens upon hearing this most ancient and most sacred Love story, as if the soul itself remembers some old memory of its own Love story with the Universe. After all, gopis represent each one of us. And Krishna, whose name itself means “all-attractive”, represents the ultimate desire of each soul.

    What is this desire? Ask your heart.

    I was never in Vrindavan in my life yet. I visited it so many times in my dreams, but never on physical plane. Yet, just listening to the sacred stories of Vrindavan, Radha, Krishna and the gopis, has changed my life so profoundly, that it is hard to put into any words. I also observe how it changes the lives of all those around me. It is the mystery that everybody has to experience on his or her own.

    “Catch Krishna in Vrindavan” board game was born out of longing to visit Vrindavan. The board itself is a wonderfully designed map of Vrindavan, on which each place has a certain story behind it. Making of the game was for me a truly Divine experience – yet, playing the game with those, who have never heard about the glory of Vrindavan, was even more special.

    This is an awesome way to learn more about holy dham while playing the game with your family or even to introduce the beauty of Radha Krishna leela to nondevotees in a fun and interesting way. "Catch Krishna in Vrindavan" is a revolutionary strategic game with infinite scenarios. You can play it for hours again and again and it will always be new. And we already know that you will fall in love with it.

    However, we won’t be able to produce this game without your support. Production and launching of the game is a big project and it demands covering not only the costs of printing but also marketing, taxes, necessary licenses and salaries for all the people who have been working for many days and nights on it. An ambition to make our game of 100% biodegradable materials as well as not to have it “made in China” but in our homeland is an additional challenge. Yet, with Krishna's grace everything is possible.

    Please, help us to spread the word. On 5th September, Sri Krishna Janmashtami, we are starting our crowdfunding campaign and we are sure that with the help of all the devotees around the world we will be able to make this project come true and thus serve both Krishna and His devotees.

    Link to our website: www(dot)catchkrishna(dot)com
    Facebook: www(dot)facebook(dot)com/CatchKrishna
    Twitter: twitter(dot)com/catch_krishna

    Thank you for any help and may the grace of Sri Radha, Sri Krishna and Sri Guru always be with you <3
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    jai shree krishna
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    Hare Krishna! What a cute idea!! :)

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