Die to Live

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    Once upon a time a merchant had a speaking parrot. He was very fond of his parrot and always kept him in a golden cage. Parrot was very well taken care by the merchant and his staff.

    The merchant used go on business visits to many countries. Before leaving for one such visit he asked all his family members and the parrot for the gifts they need. All the members told their wish list to him. When the parrots' turn came it said, "Master! when you meet a flock of parrots then do ask them that why is it so that they are flying free in the sky and I am caged?" Merchant nodded and left.

    While he was coming back, after finishing his business, he saw a flock of parrots. He stopped and and asked them the same question as requested by his Parrot. As soon as he finished his question one of the parrots fell from the tree and died. The shocked merchant left from there, with lots of questions in his head. After reaching home, he narrated the incident to his parrot. To his astonishment as soon as he finished, his parrot also fell down and died.

    The merchant was awe struck. He was completely shocked. In his grief he picked the parrot and took it out from the cage and kept it on the wall. While he was trying to recover from the shock, the parrot opened his eyes and flew away.

    The amused Merchant asked the Parrot to explain. The parrot said "Master, my fellow parrot whom you met on your visit, did not die. He did it on purpose to give me this idea to get my freedom back. The point is that till I didn't die, while I was alive I could not escape the golden cage. So here I am, free and flying. Thank you Master."

    The Merchant looked at the Parrot and smiled to mark his congratulation.

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