Diwali Festival and Puja

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    The festival celebrates the victory of good over evil, light over darkness. November 11 (Wednesday), 2015 is the day when the India celebrates this enthusiastic festival, Diwali or Deepavali (in hindi) (row of lights in Sanskrit). It is the brightest of all Hindu festival which dazzles everyone with the joy. Diwali festival is a five day celebration with each day having a different tradition.
    Dhanteras, the First Day of Diwali- Dhanteras also called Dhanvantari Triodasi or Dhantrayodashi is celebrated on the first day of Diwali. It is believed that on this day Lord Dhanvantari, the God of Ayurveda came out of the ocean of milk during the Samundar Manthan.
    Narak Chaturdashi, the Second Day of Diwali- Narak Chaturdashi is the day when Lord Krishna killed the asura Narakasur and rid the world of fear.
    Lakshmi Puja, the Third Day of Diwali -This is the main day of Diwali when Goddess Laxmi is worshipped for wealth and properity.
    Govardhan Pooja, the Fourth Day of Diwali- Govardhan Puja is celebrated mainly in Northern India where people build hillocks with cow dung and decorate them with flowers and later worship it. This day is also known as Annakoot.
    Bhai Duj, the Fifth Day of Diwali- The 5th day of Diwali is celebrated as Bhai Teeka or Bahubeej (in marathi).This day is dedicated to sisters and is celebrated two days after Diwali and the day after Govardhan Puja.
    Diwali Tithi is from 1:48 AM on October 10 to 2:43 AM on November 11, 2015 and
    Lakshmi Puja Muhurta = 18:16 to 20:16 On November 11, 2015

    To know more on legends on Diwali refer to article:


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