Do Gods exist?

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    Why God is ONE?

    Logical reasons why there is only ONE God.

    1. God isn't created, to be created, means that you are not a God.

    2. When you about to die will you turn to one God or many? God would not do so, for it would be extremely complicated and confusing. Death is very difficult. It will be very hard to concentrate. That is why God made it easy to focus on one thought which is God's name. That's why God is ONE.

    3. If there were more than one god, then it would be illogical to claim that any god is either all-knowing or all-powerful.

    Do Gods exist?

    Why should God…The Most Intelligent, Create another Deity?

    It is impossible according to common sense. Perfection entails that God has exclusive control over his creation. One Ruler equals one Law.

    What is Perfection, Perfection is ONE | He is 1, without any doubt.

    God is not stupid. That is why there is no such thing as Gods, Demi-Gods or a Pantheon and such and such. It all originates from so called story-tellers that have concocted rubbish tales… just for quick buck.

    Mankind’s need for stories has not changed to this day. You understand what is happening at present with our storytelling. We have become accustomed to Blasphemy; this was not always the case. Back in the day, Storytellers where the religious men. They informed there congregation about God. The Religious history of mankind has its origins seeded in Monotheism. It was eventually corrupted by many factors but the truth is, it all started with corrupt storytellers.

    It is a generalization to believe that every Preacher would remain steadfast and devoted to God. Those that never understood the severity of blasphemy twisted the concept of One God into many…just for a gimmick. It eventually became something serious because that is what an ignorant society does, they believe these stories are real and they invest in it as their belief since they find it fascinating and different. They know it is a fallacy but they have false courage and make the stupendously wrong choice by turning again God’s oneness.

    It all starts by thinking that God is a father, that He is in need of a family because he is lonely, that he is in need of a wife and son etc With time there is a Pantheon (Many Gods) In there stupidity, they are looking for a God that suits them which these corrupt storyteller readily provide evens to this day. May God protect us.

    The Truth is quite simple…

    God is perfect
    He is need of no one
    He sustains creation and is not in need of sustenance
    He does not have children nor parents
    And there is none like unto Him

    So be wary of what you read and what you believe.

    Do not plead ignorance on the Day of Judgment, it will not help you. So be wise and make the right choice…

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