Dreams and their meaning

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    Dream seen | Meaning
    Clear Sky | Increase in fame
    Mango tree | Birth of child
    Dishonour | Freedom from worries
    Own Death | Increase of longevity
    Flourishing crop | Gain of wealth
    See dead body | Freedom from illness
    Construction of building | Gain, prosperity
    Elephant, cow, peacock, camel | Gain, prosperity
    Climb up | Prosperity
    Cemetery | Increase in honour
    Black snake | State honour
    River Ganges | Happy events
    Fort | Promotion
    Ride a horse | Promotion
    Lizard | Sudden gain
    Run out of fear | Relief from problems
    Palanquin | Fulfilment of desire
    Stars | Fulfilment of desire
    Sword | Victory over enemies
    God/Goddess | Happy event
    Making bed | symbol of gain/better health
    Wealth/jewels | Happiness from children
    Dust rising | Go on trip
    Out lemon | Relief from borrow/illness.
    Court | Victory in case
    Eat sweets | Increase in honour
    Green forest | Happiness
    Fail in examination | Success
    Receive letter | Happy news
    Flying flag | Victory
    Plate full of eatables | Happiness
    Copper coin | Gain of wealth
    Talk with doctor/Vaidya | Relief from illness
    Cook food | Happy news
    Turn rosary (mala jap) | Good luck
    Go on straight road | Success
    See open door | Success in new enterprise
    To fly crow away | Relief from on going problem
    Finding a pomegranate | substantial gain
    White clouds | Chance of promotion
    Thick dark clouds | Successful meeting with boss
    Watching a mirror | Progress in love affair
    See fire | illness connected with bile
    Lift fire | Problems
    Own marriage | Trouble
    Coming of guest | Sudden problem
    See darkness | Unhappiness
    Storm | Problem in voyage
    Owl | Illness or sorrow
    Self hung upside down | Dishonour
    Cut off head | worry/problem
    Bitten by dog | Fear from enemy
    Fall from horse | Problem/loss
    Theif | Lose of wealth
    Pickpocket | Lose of wealth
    See a broom | Lose
    Seeing a pig | Monetary loss
    Seeing a cage | Suffering
    Pulling a wire/ rope | Sign of tension
    Desert | Adversity
    See a falling star | An ill omen
    Self drowning | Ann ill omen
    Fall of wall | lose of wealth
    See tap | worry
    See oneself nakad | Face difficulties
    Fall from height | Lose
    See a gun | Problem
    See cat | Fight with others
    Giving speech | Altercation
    Throw letter | An ill omen
    See a crow | An ill omen
    See door locked | Stopping of project
    Plate without food | An ill omen
    Walk on rough road | Problem
    Seeing a buffalo | Risking a trouble
    Seeing a hefty ox | Loss in agriculture
    Seeing untidy half | possibility of monetary loss
    Seeing a land slide | Outbreak of epidemic
    Laughing | Worries in future
    Eating watermelon | Symbol of sorrow
    Wearing over tight shoes | Quarrel with partner
    Falling sick | Distress/pain
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