Empathy at its best: Quenching thirst on three wheels

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    While so many 'Social Experiments' show that we Indians do not give a helping hand to any person, there are also people who are full of kindness and empathy. Just when we think that humanity is all lost, this news gives us hope, like a candle in the dark.

    P.Raghupathi an auto driver, spends nearly Rs.200 from his daily earnings of about Rs.500 to provide drinking water to the public. For the past two years, he has been helping tired commuters, pedestrians and others quench their thirst with the help of a water tank which is fitted in his own auto-rickshaw.

    In his own words: “This is a small service aimed at the old and the physically challenged, especially.”

    He has even gone to the extent of painting ‘Free Drinking Water’ on his auto rickshaw in English, Tamil and Hindi. His dream as a child was to become a doctor and serve the people, but poverty chained him and he couldn't study beyond class VII.

    “It gives me some solace,” is his answer to why he spends so much money on such an act of kindness when he himself is so poor.

    This story shows how some of the 'have-nots' even in dire straits go the extra mile to help others which the 'well-off' normally don't do.

    We salute P. Raghupathi for doing such a great social work, and we dream of an India where all Indians think like him. The country can become a heaven on Earth with more such people.

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