Gautam Buddha and Yashodhara

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    Once a Young man entered inside a new city. Every one was busy decorating the city as if to welcome a royal person.

    He called many people to know the reason but no one had time for him. Then he saw a beautiful Girl passing by. He stopped her and asked about the reason. The Young lady looked at him and replied with affection “it seems that you are new in this city. We all are busy in welcoming ‘Dipankara the Buddha’. I am carrying these five lotus flowers to offer at the lotus feet of ‘Dipankara the Buddha’.

    Listening to this Young man said “I have come at the right time. Could you give me one lotus flower as I don’t have any gift for Lord Dipankara. First the Young lady hesitated then shyly she said in one breath “the moment I looked at you. I have given every thing to you. You can have all the flowers.”

    The Young man smiled and took her hand in his hands. In the evening together they went to listen to the discourse of Lord Dipankara. A Very big crowd had assembled there to listen to the words of wisdom. Both of them were standing at the back. The Young man took one lotus flower and threw it towards Lord Dipankara. Luckily it fell at the feet of Lord Dipankara. Seeing this young lady asked him to throw one more flower from her side. And luckily that lotus flower also fell at Lord Dipankara feet.

    Lord Dipankara then called the person who had thrown these lotus flowers. Both of them came in front and saluted Lord Dipankara. For a while Lord Dipankara looked at both of them and said “you will be together in many lives and help each other in realizing the Ultimate goal of life”. And it happened like that only. They were together for many lives.

    In their last life they were born as Lovers. Gautam Buddha whom we lovingly call Shakya Muni is that Man and Yashodhara is the Woman in the Story

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