God has 2 ways to make a theist understand

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    1. Simple and straight to the point via some saints, Vedic acharyas, Guru etc who guides us about how the world is destructive, how relationships breaks or last for hardly few years etc, How our relationship is with the soul/God present in different bodies and not those bodies made of flesh and bones. Hearing, seeing these few truths of life we come closer to God and follow different types of spiritual practices.

    If one understands this easy way, well and good...else he does the crooked way.

    2. He would fit some sort of argument machines within their partners, children's, relatives who would trouble them, back answer, create Havoc almost everyday... trouble so much that atlast they would feel like to leave the house in search for peace. Bitter truth of life.....

    We need to decide after a certain age, 51 according to scripture is been mentioned, when a person should leave behind everything in search for Supreme, if no support of parents or partners, leave them, however its always better if the partner and parents are together for those under Grihasta Dharma.

    Either chose to leave from whole our heart or be chosen to be Kicked out from whole of their heart....bitter truth, the first option would be an honour and more faithful towards the spiritual journey, this would also keep the relationship and respect intact within family member's whom we left behind, it would be an inspiration for their childrens to follow the same path in future their parents did, the second option is filled with forceful opinions and doubtful spiritual journey filled with loneliness.

    ||HaRe KrIshNa||

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