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    God is the greatest genius in this world! God has given the miraculous power to kill the demons to several angels and deities. But, when the case of Hiranyakashipu came up, no angel or deity could use the power with special talent to kill that demon except God. [Ex:] Hiranyakashipu achieved the boon of no death from any category of living and non living beings in the creation. It means that the demon can never be killed. He also asked that he should not be killed by living and non living items. He also asked that he should not be killed in day or night. He also got the grant of no death either inside or outside the house. He cannot be killed either on the earth or in the sky. All these conditions mean that nobody and nothing can kill him at anytime or at any place. The power to kill any demon is already vested in several deities. But, every deity kept silent since all the doors were closed.

    But, see the intelligence of the God! He opened all the doors. A new category was created because Narasimha was neither a lion nor a human being completely. The nails can be considered neither living nor non living. They grow like living but there is no pain when they are cut and this shows that they are non-living. The time of sunset is neither day nor night. The demon was placed on the laps of the Lord, which can be considered neither as ground nor as sky. The Lord sat in the door, which is neither inside nor outside the house. Thus, God has shown all the opening points for all the shut doors. Therefore, the talent of God is inherent to God only. Mere power is not sufficient.

    The talent is not an already existing item like the power, which can be transferred. Talent is a new special flash of intelligence that is generated in the new situation. The question in the form of doubt is always new that is created by the active brain of a devotee. Such questions should be answered with a new flash of talent generated that projects the existing knowledge in a new form of model. Such a new model only can perfectly pacify a doubt of an intellectual devotee. Therefore, handling of the power with a special talent as per the new situation is possible for God only. In the field of knowledge, the need of such special talent is required at every step. Therefore, God alone comes to preach the spiritual knowledge. The elaborate explanations of such answers, already given by God, can be done by the followers.

    Buddhists provoked an elephant towards Shankara. Shankara ran away from the elephant. Buddhists asked that why should He run away if the elephant is myth or false. Shankara replied that He told that the entire creation is false and hence, the process of His running away is also false. Who can give such answer except God? In fact, Shankara can prove that the elephant is false. He can stand there itself and the elephant can just pass through Him without disturbing Him in anyway. He passed through the locked doors of the house of Mandana Mishra. But, if He does like that, He can prove that the creation is false for God since He is God by Himself. But, this cannot be applied to every human being.

    For a human being, the creation is true since the the human being itself is a part of false creation. For false human beings, the rest of the false creation is true. Therefore, the human being is false, its running is false and the elephant is false. His reply means all this. He answered the question from the point of a human being and not from the point of God. Therefore, such talented explanation for the unexpected situation is possible for the unimaginable God only.

    By Datta Swami, Universal Spirituality

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