Hindu Baby Boy names for Utarashada (nakshatram) > Dhanu (Rasi) pls? Be, Bo, Ja, Ji letters

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    Hindu Baby Boy names for Utarashada (nakshatram) > Dhanu (Rasi) pls? Be, Bo, Ja, Ji letters
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    Sanskrit baby boy hindu names starting with "bo" with their meaning
    Bodhi - Enlightenment
    Boudhayan - Name of a sage
    Bodh - Knowledge; Intelligent; Understanding
    Bora - Snow; Excellent; Brave; Hurricane; Foreign; Strange
    Bodha - Knowledge; Intelligent; Understanding
    Bodhi - Wise; Enlightening; Knowledge
    Bogli - The Pond-heron
    Bolin - Speaker; Elder Brother; Rain
    Sanskrit baby boy hindu names starting with "Ja" with their meaning
    Jai - Victory; Conqueror; Winning; A Kind of Flute; Defeater; The Victorious One; Variant of Names Like Jason and Jacob
    Jay - Blue Jay; He who Supplants; The Lord is Salvation; Victory; Blue Crested Bird; A Bird in the Crow Family; Win
    Jahi - Dignified
    Jala - Water
    Jalp - Discussion
    Jami - Supplanter; Wife of Yama; Daughter-in-law
    Jana - Man; People
    Janu - Soul; Life Force
    Japa - Chanting
    Jara - Old Age
    Jati - Teak; Oak; Ascetic; Lord Shiva
    Jaya - Victorious
    Jagadayu - Life Spring of the Universe
    Jagadeva - Lord of the World
    Jagadipa - Light of the Universe
    Jagadisa - King of the Universe
    Jagadish - Lord of the Universe; God; Master of the Universe
    Jagajiva - Life of the World
    Jaidhara - Bearer of Victory
    Jaigupta - Protected by Victory
    Jaikirti - Glory of Victory
    Jaimalla - Victorious Fighter
    Jaisinha - Victorious Lion
    Jaisnava - Desirous of Victory
    Jaitanga - Victorious over Vody
    Jaitrama - Leading to Victory
    Jalendra - Lord of the Water
    Jalindra - Lord of the Water
    Janadeva - God of Men
    Janapati - Lord of Men
    Janendra - Lord of Men
    Janistha - Desired by People
    Japendra - Lord of Chants; Lord Shiva
    Jasamita - Immense Fame
    Jasapala - Protected by Fame
    Jasaraja - King of Fame
    Jasavira - Famous Warrior
    Jatacira - Wearing a Plait of Hair as a Garment
    Jatakara - Sprung from Twisted Hair; Spring; Fountain
    Jatasaya - Network of Roots; The Ocean
    Jatasila - A Stone of Matted Hair
    Javahara - Jewel
    Javanila - Swift Wind; A Hurricane
    Javistha - Quickest
    Jayanthi - Goddess of Victory; Goddess Durga
    Jayasena - A Victorious Army
    Jayendra - Lord of Victory
    Jagadisha - God; Master of the Universe
    Jagannath - Lord of the World; Lord Vishnu; Lord of the Universe
    Jagatguru - Preceptor of the World
    Jaicandra - Triumph of the Moon
    Jaigopala - The Triumphant Gopala
    Jainendra - Lord of the Jainas
    Jaladhara - Ocean
    Jaladhipa - King of the Waters
    Jamadagni - Name of a Rishi; Consumes Fire
    Janapriya - Beloved One
    Jankinath - Janki's Husband; Lord Ram
    Jasavanta - Famous
    Jayatsena - One who Increase Victory; Conqueror of the Army
    Jagacandra - Universal Moon
    Jagamohana - Attracts the World
    Jaikrishna - Victory of Lord Krishna
    Jaishankar - Victory of Lord Shiva
    Janamejaya - Triumphant from Birth; Victory on Birth
    Janardhana - Exciting People; Another Name for Vishnu and Krishna; One who Helps People
    Jagachandra - Moon of the Universe
    Jagatprabhu - God of the World
    Janakinatha - Ruler of Janaki
    Jayakrishna - Victorious Krishna
    Jadhava - Descendant of Jadu
    Jagadip - Lamp of the Universe
    Jagathi - The Earth
    Jagdeep - Light of the Universe; Lamp of the World
    Jagdish - King of the World
    Jagjeet - Winner of the World; One who Conquers the World of the Mind
    Jagmeet - Friend of the World
    Jagravi - Watchful; Bright
    Jaideva - Lord of Triumph
    Jaigata - Triumphing
    Jaikara - Mine of Victory
    Jaimini - An Ancient Philosopher
    Jaipala - Guardian of Triumph; King
    Jairaja - Victorious Ruler
    Jairasa - The Essence of Victory
    Jaisisa - A Cheer of Victory; Best Among the Victors
    Jaivaha - Carrier of Victory
    Jaivata - Being Victorious; Winning
    Jajhara - Eliminator of Power; Very Powerful
    Jaladhi - Crocodile
    Jalarka - The Sun Reflected in Water
    Jaswant - Victorious Yashwant; Famous
    Jawahar - Gold; Jewel; Pure; Diamond
    Jayanta - Victorious; Lord Vishnu
    Jayisnu - Desiring Victory
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    Sanskrit baby boy hindu names starting with be with their meaning
    Beman - Without Interest
    Beanta - Endless; Eternal
    Bekura - Voice; Sound; Melodious
    Bibek - Discrimination
    Sanskrit baby boy hindu names starting with "Ji" with their meaning
    Jigar - Heart
    Jignesh - Intellectual Curiosity
    Jimuta - one of 108 names of the Sun God
    Jina - Lord Vishnu
    Jinabhadra - a Jain saint
    Jinadev - Lord of victory
    Jinendra - Lord of life
    Jishnu - Triumphant
    Jitamitra - Vanquisher of Foes
    Jitendra - Lord of conquerers
    Jitendra, Jeetandra - conqueror of Lord Indra
    Jivaj - Full of life
    Jival - Full of life
    Jivana - one of 108 names of the Sun God
    Jivin - to give life
    Jivitesh - god
    Jivraj - Lord of life
    Jigishu - Strifes to Triumph
    Jitatma - Conqueror of the Soul
    Jivansh - Part of Soul
    Jivatha - Long Lived; Virtuous
    Jinodaya - Victorious
    Jitender - Powerful Man; One who can Conquer Indra; The Powerful Conqueror; Lord of Conqueror
    Jivadeva - Lord of the Soul
    Jivitesa - King of the Living
    Jitavrata - Conquering by Vows
    Jita - Conquered
    Jiva - A Living Being; Alive
    Jisnu - Victorious
    Jigish - Strifes to Triumph
    Jigisu - Strifes to Triumph
    Jitvan - Victorious
    Jivaja - Born Alive
    Jivala - Full of Life
    Jivini - Praise
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    I like Jivatha, Its a Sanskrit name. Jeevitha Chakram is a most popular director in Telugu movies.

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