Hindu baby boy names meaning Lord Ganesha

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    Hindu baby boy names meaning lord ganesha list below:
    Name Meaning
    Akhurath - One who has mouse as his charioteer
    Akhuratha - One who has mouse as his charioteer
    Alampata - Ever eternal Lord
    Amit - Endless, Boundless, Incomparable Lord
    Anantachidrupamayam - Infinite and Consciousness Personified
    Avaneesh - Lord of thewholeWorld, LordGanesh
    Avighna - Remover of obstacles
    Bahuleya - Lord Kartikeya
    Bahuliya - Lord Kartikeya
    Balaganapati - Beloved and Lovable Child
    Bhalchandra - Moon crested Lord
    Bheema - Huge and Gigantic
    Bhupati - King, Lord of the Gods
    Bhuvanpati - God of the gods
    Binayak - Lord Ganesh
    Buddhinath - God of wisdom
    Buddhipriya - Knowledge Bestower
    Buddhividhata - God of knowledge
    Chaturbhuj - One who has Four Arms, Lord Ganesh
    Devadeva - Lord of all lords
    Devantakanashakarin - Destroyer of Evils and Asuras
    Devavrata - One who accepts all penances
    Devendrashika - Protector of all gods
    Dharmik - One who gives Charity, A Name of Lord Ganesh
    Dhoomravarna - Smoke, Hued Lord
    Durja - The invincible
    Dvaimatura - One who has two Mothers
    Ekaakshara - He of the Single Syllable
    Ekadant - Lord Ganesh
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