Hindu baby boy names starting with "a" in sanskrit

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    Hindu baby boy names starting with a in sanskrit list below:

    Name Meaning
    Abaloganah- Powerless group
    Abhigamyah- Easily attainable
    Abhiramah- Produer of affection
    Abhivadyah- Revered
    Achalopamah- The motionless
    Achintyah- Unthinkable
    Achintyah- The only one to be meditated upon
    Adambhah- Unsubdued of his enemies
    Adesah- The teaching
    Adhanah- Poor as he is naked
    Adharshanah- Unshakeable
    Adhirohah- One seated therein
    Adhivakt- A Speaks in favour of devotees
    Adhyatmanugatah- The aspirant of the science of the soul
    Adih- The first
    Adikarah- The first creator
    Adinah- Of noble nature
    Aditih- Boundless; the mother of the gods
    Adityah- The Sun
    Adyah- The first
    Adyahnirgamah- The primal manifestation
    Agamah- Unshaken
    Agitah- Unconquered
    Agnivalah- Flaming as fire
    Agravarah- He who first receives the sacrificial offerings
    AgriyaH- Foremost, Earliest
    Ahantya- Untorturable
    Ahascharah- The day wanderer
    Ahirbudhnya digaMbara- The sky cladded
    Ahirbudhnyah- The serpent Sesha, underneath the mundane Egg
    Ahoratram- Day and night
    AilabRidah- Feeder
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