Hinduism and Equality

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    Hinduism believes in concept of social equality. The principle of equality finds place in Sukta 30 of chapter three of Atharva Veda. This Sukta says “O quarrelsome men! As cows love their calves so should your mutual behaviour or dealings be. The son should be obedient to his father, the mother should favour her children, and the wife should be sweet-spoken while talking to her husband. Brothers should not quarrel on the issue of their shares in property. A person should not harm his brothers. He should not antagonize his sisters and brothers. All brothers should step up their paces uniformly for common cause and common interest. They should use good and sweet words when they talk together. You all should have common mind, common cause and mutual respect keeping in mind who is elder and who is younger. Be careful to use refined language. O members of humanity! Be engaged in works of common interest. O well-wishers of equality! You all should sit together to have common dishes of food and drink. This thread of love binds you all to live together. A hymn of Rig Veda (9-112-3) describes a family where father or the head of the family is a priest, his son is a vaidya or doctor and his daughter works as a woman who grinds corn. All do different types of work yet they belong to one family. Thus in essence Hinduism believes in equality.


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