How are Hinduism and Buddhism similar?

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    Hinduism and Buddhism are similar in various and many types of terms. Both have originated in South East Asia, exactly in India, and both are very alike to each other. However, Hinduism is followed by more people around the world and Buddhism is relatively not that old, hence it doesn’t have that much followers.

    But, today, in this article, we are going to discuss about what are the traits and tenets which are alike in both the religions. It is understood that Buddhism has taken various characteristics of Hinduism; and this can be seen with the help of the similarity list. For example; in Mahayana Buddhism, it is said that Buddha had taught all his followers about gods and prayers, just like Hinduism. And also, even Lord Buddha has taken many reincarnations, just like Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

    So, by further not wasting time, let us look at the various aspects of each of these religions and decipher it. And, check out what is similar between the two.

    Similarity Number 1: Both Hinduism and Buddhism have various path and roads of enlightenment

    It has been noted that, both Hinduism and Buddhism have various paths of enlightenment. In fact, both the religion has beliefs that there are various ways by which one can get wisdom, knowledge and ultimately insight to life.

    Similarity Number 2: Both the religions agrees there is reincarnation of life

    Another very similar trait of the core believes of Hinduism and Buddhism is that; followers believe in rebirth. Also, in Hindu religion, followers are told that the deeds of their previous life will dictate how their new life would be.

    Similarity Number 3: Both sets of religion explains that we get hurt by people and objects in the real world

    Both Buddhism and Hinduism accept that sufferings can only be done by people and materialistic things in the physical and real world. That’s why; we should be careful in our endeavors.

    Similarity number 4: Both religions accommodate meditation and various mind and soul relaxing aspects.

    It is believed in both the religion that; you can relax your mind, body, soul and your life by doing meditation and various workouts like yoga. This will not only give you peace and longer life span, but will also make sure God resides inside you. And, remember; a free mind is the sharpest mind.

    Similarity Number 5: Both religions understand that humans and all living souls will get liberation in the end

    When we are talking about enlightenment and reincarnation, it is said that both Hinduism and Buddhism, and their high priests, understands a human soul can get liberation. And, this liberation can take amounts of incarnation, but it is bound to happen someday or other. This liberation can end all the problems and sufferings of a person. And, this liberation can be about achieving nirvana, and it is the most important path for both the religions.

    Similarity Number 6: Both religions have various gods and deities

    Yes, this fact is very unique to both Buddhism and Hinduism, both the followers of these religions can pray towards many gods and goddesses.
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    Also both are tolerant. Neither a Buddhist nor a Hindu will try to force you into any religion, nor object to you peacefully practicing any religion.
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    I wouldn't call Hinduism as religion.
    There is no concept of conversion in Hinduism.
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    Yes there is. One can absolutely convert to Hinduism, and many have done it, Its not the same or dramatic as conversion to other religions, but it still is done. Basically a person just states practicing the tenets of Hinduism. This idea that you can't convert is propagated by non-Hindus who don't want to lose any members.
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