Is circumcision allowed in Hinduism?

Discussion in 'Ask Questions' started by Sheena4, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. Sheena4

    Sheena4 New Member

    Till date, there has been no evidence to prove that circumcision was recommended in the Hindu religion or the Hindu scriptures, nor has any Hindu religious group ever talked about it.

    In Hinduism, there is no set of rules for this practice and it is completely based on one's personal choice.
  2. Dagmar Rehak

    Dagmar Rehak New Member

    The question was if it is allowed. And I think no, because of ahimsa, the somtimes strictly mandated nonviolence.
  3. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    no there is no way that Hinduism would ever support circumcision, its personal choice and there is no rule as such.
    Hinduism strongly believes in freedom of all living beings.
    I as Hindu believe nothing is waste for mankind each and everything that is in nature, is of some importance hence i would say that even the skin that is taken off due to circumcision also might have some value attached to it.
    Just mere for appeasing god, i don't think there is any need to do so, as if god didn't wanted it, god would never had given it to mankind.

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  4. Dagmar Rehak

    Dagmar Rehak New Member

    I think it is not only not recommended and not supported but not even allowed.
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  5. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say that its not allowed. there is nothing that is no allowed in Hinduism, coz it binds the freedom of mankind, i would rather say that its not suggested
    You can do it if you feel its right thing to do and moreover even doing it won't make u non-hindu , you can still be Hindu even if you go through circumcision. :)
  6. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    Hinduism doesn't really have 'allow' and 'not allow' in its vocabulary on such matters. This rigid good/bad thinking is Abrahamic.
    Abrahamics on ethics think like this:
    If you do this you will go to heaven. It is the right and good thing to do.
    or ... If you do this you will go to hell. It was an evil thing to do.

    Hindus, for the most part, don't think like that. There is far less 'must do, must not do' kind of mentality.

    Instead, we think in terms of wise or unwise, and are much more forgiving of the unwise, realising that ignorance is one of the God-made bondages that we have to overcome. So in terms of circumcision, it would be considered very unwise. On the other hand, if someone did circumcise a child (through ignorance, like having an Abrahamic doctor recommend it in a Christian run hospital) we wouldn't be harsh towards that person for their poor decision.
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  7. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    Great explanation :)
  8. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    Man we are not muslims or mullas who would allow or disallow circumcision in Hinduism. its neither part nor related to Hinduism by any means.
    This question in real sense doesn't make any sense to me.
    Rather then asking whether circumcision is allowed in Hinduism or not , it should had been something like. I am Ex-muslim or Any religion follower (where circumcision is compulsion ) and i want to start following Hinduism and can i be Hindu or follow Hinduism.
    This question would had made sense..and my answer would had been "Yes you can be hindu even if you have gone through circumcision because Hinduism is not a dogmatic way of thinking rather its freedom of living .
  9. Siya Gandhi

    Siya Gandhi New Member

    I completely agree with Garry. It should depend entirely on the individual. If you want to do it, you should and that will certainly not make you a non-hindu.

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