Is Hinduism even the right name of this religions? Let's see!

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    For many of you who do not know, Hinduism was never the official name given to the Hindu religion.

    Hinduism is the name that was given to the religion practiced people who lived on the banks of the river Sindhu in ancient India. It was later called Indus, and pronounced as Hindu by the Persians. It was from here that the name Hindustan came into being. Ideally, as per the vedas and other Hindu scriptures, Hinduism is more popularly known as "Sanatan Dharma" or "Vaidikka Dharma".
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    I've read lately that that theory (that Hindu was given to us by outsiders) is now up for debate, and that other theories have come to light. Therefore I am not sure. Regardless of the true origin of the term 'Hindu' it is the common usage for us today. In this vast world of many religions and peoples, it is how we are known. Although I (and many others) personally would prefer Sanatana Dharma, in all practical terms its not that useful because the common non-Hindu has never heard of Sanatana Dharma.
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    Hinduism is not a's a concept..Dharma means self righteousness.
    The ancient Persians used the term Hindu to describe the peoples living east of the Indus River (the informal western boundary of the indian subcontinent), and termed the area Hindustan (land of the Hindus). The British then used that term for the myriad of religious practices and philosophies practiced by those people. The term Hindu is not found in Hindu scriptures, but is most commonly referred to as "Sanatan Dharma", which roughly means the eternal religion.
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    It's funny how theories seem to develop into facts over time. This idea that Persians originated the term 'Hindu' is only one of many theories, and for some odd reason, accepted as 'fact' today. Here is a link to a paper that explores the earlier alternative theories.
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    Dharma means rightousness,and sanatan is dharma. But this doesn't mean word "hindu" has no meaning in it. The word hindu given by persian or arab is nothing but a propaganda spread by leftist & marxist historians.1. In rigveda brishpati agyam word hindu is mentioned. Also a king name viv-hindu is mentioned in same agyam.2. In kalpdroom sanhita word hindu is defined as "heen dushyati iti hindu" means who have not any ego or who left ego is called hindu.3. In meru tantra word hindu appeared as a hindusarovaram.There are lots of examples which proves word hindu is exists before islam or christanity born. As in that time all were hindus so there was no need to calling one another with word hindu. By the way persia or iran was kaikesh desh at the time of ramayana & mata kaikayi belongs to there
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    Hinduism is derived from Persian "Hindu" which means people who stays near river Indus(Shindu)... n English "ism" which means An ideology, system of thought, or practice... so it's given quite okay as in short we can say it's a belief of people who used to stay beside the river Indus...
    It's sanatana dharma. The eternal dharma.

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