Is masturbation allowed in Hinduism?

Discussion in 'Ask Questions' started by Sheena4, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. Sheena4

    Sheena4 New Member

    This topic is still a big debate and no clear views of Hinduism have been justified when it comes to Masturbation.

    Some Hindus completely ridicule the fact that Masturbation is considered as a sin in Hinduism while some strongly believe that according the Hindu scriptures, for instance the "Brihad Aranyak Upanishad" condemn mastrubation and forbid the same for unmarried bachelors. This Upanishad tries to explain that the sperm, cerebral fluid and bone marrow are made up of elements of blood and should not be wasted by mere practises like masturbation.

    In fact on the contrary, the Kama Sutra, talks about Masturbation in great detail and also expresses ways to achieve it.
  2. Ignorant

    Ignorant New Member

    This seems adult question ..hahahha. admin lets add one adult section to forum as well :p
    This question seems to be rare one and I will be following answers of this question.
  3. Siya Gandhi

    Siya Gandhi New Member

    Well, it is certainly an adult question but discussion of views on Hinduism on this topic is necessary as it should be clear and people should not think that their religion prohibits any such act which is more of a personal thing than anything else.
  4. Aum

    Aum New Member

    As per Brhad Aranyaka Upanishad it is said that the semen is very important just like a brain fluid and its more important then importance of bone marrow inside the bones.
    Masturbation is sheerly wastage of the semen.

    Semens are considered to be the power of a man(in women, it is called as "Raja").
  5. Vikram

    Vikram New Member

    No , I strongly believe that it is not allowed in Hinduism. We basically go for Brahamcharya not these stuff.

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