Is there any ideal routine that a Hindu is supposed to follow?

Discussion in 'Ask Questions' started by Sheena4, Jul 29, 2015.

  1. Sheena4

    Sheena4 New Member

    There are no rules or regulations or defined routine for Hindus, but ideally every Hindu follows a routine which is as follows:

    - Waking up before the sun rise
    - Offerings to god (Ishtdevata)
    - Bath
    - Prayers and recitation
    - Meditation
    - Breakfast and offering the same to god
    - Daily chores
    - Prayers in the evening
    - Prayers before going to bed

    If possible, visiting a nearby Hindu temple is also advisable.
  2. Siya Gandhi

    Siya Gandhi New Member

    Well, I personally do not believe in any routine that my religions would want me to follow. Routine should be such that it provides a healthy body, mind and soul. Something which should prove good for a healthy living.

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