Lord Brahma : The Creator

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    Lord Brahma is the first of the Hindu Trinity. He is the Creator. He is viewed as the Supreme being, the God of Gods. In the first place Brahma was the Universe, he made Gods. In the wake of having made Gods, he set them in these universes eg: AGNI (Fire) in this world, Vayu (Air) in the environment and Surya (Sun) in the sky. Brahma produced the Gods and the whole world. Inside of him is the Universe.

    He is a four headed God. He has four hands , every hand is holding a conciliatory instrument (sruva), the Vedas (information), a water pot (kamandalu) and a rosary individually.

    He seems situated on a lotus which is an image of grand presence. His vehicle is the goose (hans) which is known for its judgment in the middle of good and terrible.

    His consort is Saraswati, the Goddess of learning.

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