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    The expression of Love is a much more then just sex, just as being loving need not necessarily being sexual, yet with Neo-Tantra the ideal is that both are together, love and sex. Being Loving may or may not include sex, and sex may or may not include love.

    In Traditional Tantra we consider an awaken women as a Living Goddess, and her nature requires that the love-sex ritual is a ritual of Divine Union. Where else the primary theme of neo-tantric discussion is sex and love, and that the loving relation between the woman and the man will also include sex; and conversely, that the sexual ritual will also include love, at least some. For the Living Goddess the gateway to the womb is most sacred, and preserves it to experience Union with her Shiva

    Where else a neo-tantric views the love goddesses in regards to sexual relationships and the love ritual. The love ritual, in tantric terms, involves sexual relationship, sexual experience, sexual activity, and sexual enjoyment, this thinking is a miss guided truth. Having met some of the neo-tantra teachers, it is sad to hear then speak about sex when they still have not understood the magic of touch or sound.

    There is a big difference between love expressed via the genitals and love expressed via the chakras. For a Living Goddess the Union of the chakras via the genitals is more fulfilling then what purely genital sex can give her.

    The Shiva Sakthi dance between a couple can be experience without the union of the Lingam and Yoni, just sight and voice is enough.

    With all my research on western study of love relationships, there is an emphasis on sexual love relationships, rather than try to also include all types of non-sexual love interaction..

    The Living Goddess is a reflection of the Mother of Creation and can manifest in love relations in three fundamental ways. All of these are divine expressions of Shakti – the Great Goddess. They are, in a sense, different faces of the One Goddess. In Tantra teachings there is one ultimate Goddess, Shakti, who manifests or expresses as different goddesses – Her different ways of being or different forms of expression.

    The three goddess expressions are of Parvati (Bija Mantra Hrim), Lakshmi (Bija Mantra Shrim), and Saraswati (Bija Mantra Aim) are the three powers, attitudes and approaches of Shakti love power. Each has their own distinct quality and power in the expression of the Living Goddess. Each stands at one of the three points of the Yantra, so each of the goddesses is a polar but complementing opposite to one of the others, and unified by Sakthi, (Bija Mantra Sauh).

    Her different ways of expression also includes the 10 Mahavidya Goddesses.

    For a woman to return to being a Living Goddess, she has to learn the art of Divine Union, and for a man, he has to awaken the Shiva and Sakthi within, and perceive his partner as Living Goddess and honor her as one.The art of doing this is very simple, all it needs is time and patients.

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