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    Malas are also known as Rosaries. Malas are an integral part of puja, being used to count the mantra recited to the devata installed in image or yantra. It is used to keep the mind focussed on the meditation. malas is one of the practicle tools for meditation. Malas is very popular amons Indians. Mala beads are in sets of 27, 56 or 108 repetitions.

    How to Use Malas or Rosaries :
    (a) Hold your mala in your hand.
    (b) Use your thumb to counting to counting each mantra or jaap.
    (c) Do it Continue till you have done 108 repetitions or multiples of 108.
    (d) If you have a wrist mala of 27 beads you will need to repeat this 3 more times.

    There are many types of Malas or Rosaries. Some of them are :
    (a) Rudraksha Mala
    (b) Rose wood Mala
    (c) Sandalwood Mala
    (d) Tulsi Wood Mala
    (e) Parad Mala
    (f) Navgraha Mala
    (g) Bodhiseed Mala
    (h) Lotus Mala
    (i) Crystal Mala

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