Mangalsutra Significance

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    A Mangalsutra (Mangala sutra, Mangalasutra) is a symbol of marriage or weather women is married or not in South Asia. Mangalsutra is a sacred thread of Love,Faith and Goodwill worn by Women as a symbol of their marriage. Traditionally the Mangalsutra is the token of love and respect offered to the bride during the marriage ceremony.
    The word three knot tie literally means “an auspicious thread which is knotted around the bride’s neck”. Mangalsutra is a gold pendant strung from a yellow thread prepared with turmeric, a string of black beads or simply a gold chain. It isas good as to the wedding ring of the Western Countries.

    A married woman must wear this thread and is the most auspicious part of a Hindu marriage ceremony. In certain local cultures, the groom ties the first of the three knots while his sisters tie the rest.
    Three knots stands for three different aspects of a married Woman -

    First knot represents obedience to Husband
    Second to her In laws.
    Third represents her respect for God.

    The significance to the Mangalsutra found in famous book Soundarya Lahari, written by Aadi Shankara. During the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom ties the mangalsutra to the neck of the bride uttering = “ You May live long by wearing this sacred Mangalsutra, and happen to the reason of my life”. As per Hindu cultural ethics, Mangalsutra reprsents the inseparable bond between a husband and wife. Married women are to wear Mangalsutra throughout their Life, Wearing a Mangalsutra is for well-being of her husband and family,denoting the unification between the husband and wife, Which also protects the Marriage from any Evil. Each and every rituals and customs associated with marriage ceremony and its a real essence of wedding. Mangalsutra is symbol of marriage
    A Mangalsutra is usually tied to the neck of the bride just after the ceremony of Sapt Padi when the bride and the groom sit together in front of the holy fire and the groom makes the promise to his wife to stay together at all times throughout the course of life.

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