Meaning of a family - Lord Shiva, Mata Pravati, Lord Ganesh & Lord Kartikeya

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    A depiction of Lord Shiva's family at the famous Murudeshwara Temple in the state of Karnataka. This divine family symbolises prosperity, harmony and an ever happy family, and so are worshipped by families all over India. Seen are Lord Shiva, his consort the Godess Parvati, their son's Ganesha - the elephant-headed God - and Kartikeya.

    If you look closely you will see the river Ganga pouring from Shiva’s head and Naga (Cobra) around His neck. Lord Shiva's third eye is supposed to be able to burn (destroy) all evil. Yet it is seen so close to water as the river Ganga. Lord Shiva uses the bull Nandi for travel and the Godess uses the Lion. The vehicles of Ganesha and Kartikeya are the mouse and peacock.These two are also depicted here. All these creatures are natural enemies, but here they live in peace and harmony. So also in all families there will be so many opposites, likes and dislikes, and yet it will benefit all if every member lives in tranquility with others. This is the message represented.

    As an aside, Kartikeya is shown in his six-headed form here. For those who don't know, he is a brave leader of God's forces, and a war God, who was created to destroy the demons, representing the negative tendencies in human beings. It does not mean he had six heads, but just represent the five senses and the mind. The six heads also stand for his virtues and shows how as a supreme warrior he could see in all directions.

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