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Discussion in 'Introduction' started by darkstar, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Hi all,

    I'm here to learn about Hindu culture and religion and especially in hopes of interesting conversations with people of various viewpoints. This forum came to my attention when I was web searching on terms like Abrahamic and Dharmic. There's a lot of good reading here -

    Somehow I haven't managed to meet a lot of like-minded people in my offline life (in semi-rural USA), clearly however this site is all about topics that fascinate me ... at least I can let posters know they are appreciated and maybe contribute a little.

    I don't count myself as a Hindu, not even very religious - though others would call me such due to different definitions. (Maybe I'll post about this) However, parts of the Hindu philosophy and scriptures are very meaningful and important to me, and I want to seek enlightenment, and maybe this is a kind of religion too. Anyway I've been increasingly repelled from the Western religions and culture throughout my life and drawn to the Eastern traditions.

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    Namaskar Steve.

    Welcome to the forum
    yes you can learn lot about Hinduism on forum and simultaneously meet Hindus in the forum -

    Great to know that you want to contribute to forum in terms of discussions and learning ..i would recommed you to post questions which pop's up in your mind and share the knowledge that you have so that others can learn from you.
    I count myself hindu even when i don't go to temple, I am not too religious either.My idea of seeking enlightenment comes from the view point of great ramana maharishi who laid much stress in sitting silent and doing self inquiry, as he had said there are two paths to enlightenment which is "self-inquiry or complete surrender to guru or god.

    I wouldn't count Hinduism as religion, coz even in one family there can be different ideologies and way to following religious approach and in bigger circle they still count themselves as hindu for example a atheist hindu, a buddhist hindu, a vaishnava and shivaite can simultaniously be part of 1 family without any conflict.

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    Welcome to the forum, I hope you get some great discussion here, and its beneficial to your pursuits.
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    Welcome to the forum, Steve . :)

    Hope you will find the forum fruitful in your quest for wisdom and enlightenment.

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