Namaste my friends

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by RebornHindu, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. RebornHindu

    RebornHindu New Member

    Namaste my friends,

    I am a new member and new to Hindu religion. I have been practicing about 7 months now. Mostly on my own since I live in America and I am not Indian. I am planning to get my altar started soon. I hope to learn a lot more here and any tips for making alters would be greatly appreciated. :)
  2. garry420

    garry420 Well-Known Member

    you don't need to be indian to be hindu...u just need to have atman to be can go through forum to know more about hinduism.
    rest this forum is slow on responding hence u might get responses bit late but u will definitely get answers :)
  3. RebornHindu

    RebornHindu New Member

    Thanks so much. I will learn as much as I can.
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  4. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    There is lots of help, you can go to a local temple, or read stuff on-line. There are several on-line pujas just waiting for you to discover. As for a shrine, you should put the presiding deity right in the middle. Start with a picture, or order a murthy on-line, or find one in a local store. Fresh water, and a flame (generally not candles) that can be lit when you're there are also extremely basic needs for it.

    The 'I'm American' is a false worry, false logic. Tons of Americans have tread this path before you, so don't worry.
  5. RebornHindu

    RebornHindu New Member

    Thank you for your replies :)
  6. answering hindu

    answering hindu New Member

    I am nepali Hindu living in india :)
  7. RebornHindu

    RebornHindu New Member

    That is wonderful. I do wish to visit India someday.
  8. Senthil

    Senthil Active Member Staff Member

    North America has many Hindu temples too. But yes, there is nothing quite like India.

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