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    In this age of the internet, people can serve wide varieties of purposes online. Even religious and spiritual people can fulfill their desires and expectations online. Wondering how? Well, the option of online puja and other religious practices can help anyone satisfy their desires from any part of the world. Online Temple is a premier company established with an aim to help religious people conduct different pujas at different times and get loads of blessings from the Lord. Regardless the place or country you are located, you can easily get in touch with us and we will conduct the necessary puja for you.
    It is a well-known fact that you cannot conduct a special puja anytime you want. You need to know the ideal time and season for the same. However, when we are with you, you need not bother about anything. This is because we will give you complete details and updates about the ideal time for conducting a puja. Apart from that, we will also give you free updates on festivals along with daily religious updates. Therefore, we are sure that as a religious person looking forward to different practices, you will get loads of benefits from us.
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    I realise this is just an ad and SPAM, but it does bring up the idea of whether or not on-line pujas would be effective. I personally thonk being present is fr better, and on-line pujas might be okay for somebody who is either a very long ways away from a temple, or incapacitated to the point that they can't go. Not sure though.

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