Pooja Thali Decoration Tips for Novices

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    Anybody who has ever been to a pooja ceremony would know how auspicious and elaborate a ritual it is. And this ritual is never complete without the quintessential pooja thali. A thali decoration may vary according to the occasion of Pooja, for example, a Diwali pooja thali decoration differs from the Rakshabandhan, or Rakhi thali decoration. But the basic elements of auspice and purity remain the same.

    Elements needed for pooja thali decoration

    Young women of the family enthusiastically perform thali decoration. For pooja thali decoration they make use many religious articles like:

    • Bells
    • Camphor/dhoop
    • Lamps or diyas
    • Desi ghee
    • Cocunut – given as an offering
    • Kumkum
    • Havan Samagri
    • Paan (Betel Leaf)
    • Rangoli colors for further decoration
    All these items are considered auspicious in Hindu religion and therefore make an integral part of any religious ceremony like havans and aartis.

    Aarti thali decoration

    Aartis are long religious sessions held in homes and temples. Many people participate in it and religious songs are sung throughout. An aarti thali is quite similar to a pooja thali, except that the thali decoration may involve more number of diyas/lamps. Similarly, a havan pooja thali involves more of samagri to be offered than lamps or other decorative items.

    Some tips on thali decoration

    In Hindu customs, a pooja thali is as decorative as it is religious. So much so that thali decoration competitions are held in may places like offices and apartment buildings during pooja holidays like Diwali. You can choose a thali in shiny metallic hues like golden or silver. It can then be adorned with a plethora of colors and other small accessories like bells and paan leaves. Add a dash of your creativity and personal tastes to make your pooja thali as unique as possible.

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