Prabháta Sam'giita

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    Prabháta Sam'giita is a new trend in the world of music. The compositions are known as 'Songs of the New Dawn'. In Sanskrit Prabháta means 'dawn' and Sam'giita is 'the totality of song, instrumental play and dance'.

    They came into being when Prabhát Ranjan Sarkar composed his first song at Deoghar, India on September 14, 1982. Over the span of eight years the treasure of Prabháta Sam'giita grew rich in content, style and variety. On October 20th, 1990, the day before P. R. Sarkar's worldly departure, the number of Prabháta Sam'giita stood at a staggering 5018.

    In Prabháta Sam'giita one will find a variety of temperaments such as devotional songs, songs of mystical love, songs of social consciousness and ecology, marching songs, songs depicting various stages, feelings and experiences in spiritual meditation, songs on seasons, songs on Krs'na and Shiva and many more.

    The composer used a variety of forms and styles with elements spanning from classical to folk music. Most of the songs of Prabháta Sam'giita were composed in Bengali, but over forty songs were composed in other languages that include: English, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Magaht, Maethili and Angika.

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