Prout Principles

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    The Gift of Peace for Mother's Day
    This Mothers Day, we'll be echoing Julia Ward Howe's plea: "Disarm! Disarm! The sword of murder is not the balance of justice." Instead of trinkets and breakfast in bed, we'll be giving our mothers and the mothers around the world the greatest gift: our energy, our passion, our commitment and our determination to stop the violence and build a world without war. - Medea Benjamin

    Fifth Principle of a Decentralized Economy
    Commodities which are not locally produced should be removed from the local markets as far as possible.

    Fourth Principle of a Decentralized Economy
    Local people must be employed in local enterprises.

    Third Principle of a Decentralized Economy
    Production and distribution of goods should be organized through cooperatives.

    Second Principle of a Decentralized Economy
    Production should be based on consumption, not profit.

    First Principle of a Decentralized Economy
    All the resources in a socio-economic unit should be controlled by the local people.

    Fourth Socio-Economic Principle of Prout
    Meritorious people should receive greater amenities compare to the level of minimum necessities allocated to people in general, and there should be never-ending efforts to raise the level of minimum necessities.

    Third Socio-Economic Principle of Prout
    Surplus goods and services, after distributing the minimum necessities, are to be given according to the social value of hte individual's production.

    Second Socio-Economic Principle of Prout
    The minimum necessities of all should be guaranteed in any particular age.

    First Socio-Economic Principle of Prout
    Variety is the chief characteristic of creation. No two objects in the universe are identical.

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