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    The Puja as it is called, is a holy ceremony, that is conducted by a Priest ( pundit ) or by the household members themselves, with several Puja items that is called samagri. The Hindu ritual of wworshipinga deity is an elaborate process.

    There are so many items used in puja Some of them are :

    Puja thali - This is the tray on which all the Puja items are placed.

    kalash (pot) - kalash is used to put coconut or mango leave and sometimes filled with rice or water.

    Dhoop - Dhoop is made of various incense ingredients which are made into a paste and rolled. when it is burned, is believed to ward off negative energies with smoke of doop.

    Gangajal - The water from the Holy Ganges is used for cleaning deities.

    Havan kund - A havan is a sacred purifying ritual, in which a sacrificial fire is built and camphor, honey and other items burned.

    Haldi (raw turmeric) - This represents the purified thoughts that should adorn the mind.

    Chandan (sandal paste) - This is an auspicious Puja item that is placed on the forehead, at the point of the third eye of wisdom.

    Kumkum - It symbolizes the emotions of the worshiper. This red powder is a symbol of loyalty, devotion and commitment.

    Diya (lamp) -
    The lamp represents the light within us, that is, our soul, which we offer to the Supreme Being. The lamp usually contains ghee (clarified butter) or oil.

    Asana - The Asana is the seat of the deity.

    Camphor -
    When camphor burns, it leaves no trace. This represents the negative qualities in us

    Puja items for daily use, altar clothes, holy water, dhoop, ready-to-use puja kits, havan items, puja oils etc.

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