Religious Celebration at Kumbh Mela at Nashik this year

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wanted to know why Sadhus apply ash on their body?

  1. people say it represents Lord Shiva

  2. Lord shiva used to apply

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  1. Rudra

    Rudra New Member

    As Kumbh Mela is on 14th July at Nashik I got to know about Kumbh Mela events on this site and its interesting.
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  2. Aum

    Aum New Member

    Well i guess sadhus apply ash on their body so that they donot get attached to the materialistic world .ash keeps on reminding them that this body will turn into ashes.

    and for Kumbh Mela, I have never seen it before but would love to be part of it someday.
    Nasik is far away still i will try ..:)

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