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    Hello, I am new to Hinduism as I was raised a Christian, after many years of contemplating my beliefs I discovered Hinduism is my path. With accepting Hinduism I have two main principles the first is to help people when I can and the second is to never try and pull someone away from their religion (God). Recently my friend has told me she suffers from night terrors and assumes them to be caused by stress. I've considered ways to remove her stress and have come to the conclusion the only way I can help is to teach her to meditate. The problem with teaching her to meditate is she's a Christian and doing so would be causing her to disobey her religion. my question is, is it alright to push Hinduism if I truly believe it will help or do I have to sit back and do nothing? Either way I'll be breaking one of my core principals and I don't feel right about either.

    - Confused
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    Great man,
    what you have mentioned is already Hinduism.
    Hinduism have never ever promoted conversions yet people come to conversion.
    Can god be so timid and helpless that he needs conversion ?
    well answer is no, if he is god he cannot discriminate ..In Hinduism you will never need to convert anyone.
    serving mankind with no self interest or goal is what we promote...
    do you know why i have never admired teresa ?
    REASON : she helped people as part of conversion efforts>
    The service to mankind needs to be without any interest..You will see many hindus who so silient charities u know why ?
    Reason : charity is always silient and what is not , is publicity.

    No please don't push your friend to Hinduism, just tell her that mediating will not make her Hindu..:)
    Religions need conversions not dharma (Sanatana dharma is real name of what is called Hinduism, infact we have never ever believed in religions)

    Strangest part of Hinduism: You might see different paths followed even in one single hindu can call these different paths as religions as well :)

    I hope your confusion is clear.

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  3. Senthil

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    Hello. I would need more information before suggesting anything. How serious is she about Christianity? What sect? Some would be okay with meditation, while others wouldn't be. In the meantime, here are other stress relievers like exercise, and walks in nature, that wouldn't conflict with her beliefs at all.
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    Acc. to me ...yes you should help her solving her problem by meditation. Secondly, By doing meditation doesn't mean that she is disobeying her religion. Meditation can be done by people of any religion to keep them calm, fit and healthy.
    As far as conversion is concerned, you should never push anyone to hinduism but after knowing and learning about hindu religion and its principles, If her Inner voice tells her to convert to hinduism means she truly wants to attach with hindu religion and rules than its okk.

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