Science in Divine Vedas

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    1.“The moving moon always receives a ray of light from sun”
    -Rig Veda 1.84.15

    2. “Moon decided to marry. Day and Night attended its wedding. And sun gifted his daughter “Sun ray” to Moon.”
    -Rig Veda 10.85.9

    1. “O Sun! When you are blocked by the one whom you gifted your own light (moon), then earth gets scared by sudden darkness.”
    -Rig Veda 5.40.5


    1.“O Indra! by putting forth your mighty rays, which possess the qualities of gravitation and attraction-illumination and motion – keep up the entire universe in order through the Power of your attraction.”
    -Rig Veda 8.12.28

    2.“O God, You have created this Sun. You possess infinite power. You are upholding the sun and other spheres and render them steadfast by your power of attraction.
    -Rig Veda 1.6.5 and Rig Veda 8.12.30

    3.“The sun moves in its own orbit in space taking along with itself the mortal bodies like earth through force of attraction.”
    -Yajur Veda 33.43

    4. “The sun moves in its own orbit but holding earth and other heavenly bodies in a manner that they do not collide with each other through force of attraction.
    -Rig Veda 1.35.9

    5.“Sun moves in its orbit which itself is moving. Earth and other bodies move around sun due to force of attraction, because sun is heavier than them.
    -Rig Veda 1.164.13

    6. “The sun has held the earth and other planets”
    -Atharva Veda 4.11.1

    There is no story, no errors in Vedas. Vedas is true, divine, this is the word of Supreme Lord.

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