Scientific Indian Thali

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    The epitome of Indian food is the quintessential Thali. It is little wonder that any travel-documentary is incomplete unless the presenter visits a restaurant that claims to serve the "Authentic Indian Thali".
    Translated from Hindi as "Plate", the Thali comprises all the essential ingredients in a menu. The Thali has various variants that depend on the region where it is being served, but all the nutrients that are part of it remain almost the same.

    So here comes a short post about the "Scientific Indian Thali". Check out the below link from Deccan Chronicle, one of the leading national dailies:

    As mentioned, the Thali has all nutrients required for the effective functioning of our body.

    However, in today's fast-paced world, such an elaborate arrangement with A-Z dishes is quite a luxury. No wonder we prefer fast-foods, that help bring down our health at a faster pace :)

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