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    Shiva means the supreme one, the auspicious one, the pure one and for All the beloved one. Shiva is named as Pashupati which means the Lord of all living beings either it is humans, devas, asuras or any creatures. Another name Mahadeva depicts the great God, supreme in all devas(Gods).


    The GOD

    The God, Word arrived as presumed as

    G : One who Generates or Creates the Universe: Lord Bramha (Shrusti)

    O : One who Operates or preserves the Universe: Lord Vishnu (Sthiti)

    D : One who Distroy the Universe: Lord Shiva (Sanhara)

    The three Eyes (Trinetra) of Siva represent the three worlds (lokas).

    Siva’s trident is Represents the Past, the Present, and the Future, three aspects of Time.

    The threegunas (Satwa, Rajas, Tamas) are images of the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh (Siva).

    The three Worlds(Lokas),

    The triune aspect of Time,

    The three Gunas (qualities) are the manifestations of the Easwara Principle.

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