The 6 levels of spiritual realization and the 4 stages of sadhana

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    In Tantra sadhana, as the spiritual aspirant progresses in his/her realization, the spiritual development advances in 4 progressive stages depending on the sam'skaras of the aspirant.
    These 4 stages are also connected with the realization of 6 types of samdhi until the ultimate realization. These types of samadhi can be temporary or permanent realizations, same as the experience of higher samadhi depending on the sadhaka's samskaras.

    By the grace of the Guru, when the spiritual aspirant attains one-pointed concentration, first he may experience and/or hear a constant sound of crickets and feel a pleasant inner feeling of bliss. This is the stage when the kulakundalinii is in the Muladhar Cakra (Golden plexus).

    As the aspirant continues deeper in the repetition of his mantra, with one-pointed concentration, the kundalinii will rise upwards and pierce the second plexus, the SVADHIS'THANA CAKRA, and he/she will experience increased bliss and sometimes may hear the sound of ankle bells ringing incessantly. This first stage of samadhi is called 'SALOKYA'. The mental realization in this samadhai is: "I and My Lord are in the same level, same stratum" SALOKYA means: 'Same Loka or world'.

    With deeper and deeper meditation, the kundalinii will further ascend to the 3rd Cakra, MANIPURA CAKRA, as the serpentine force pierces this cakra, now the meditator will experience more intense bliss and he/she may hear the sound of flutes playing in unison. In this cakra the realization will be that "I am very close to my Lord" The experience of proximity with the Supreme is very intense here. This state of proximity is called 'SAMIPYA SAMADHI.

    Now, as the sadhana becomes still deeper, the sadhaka will experience greater bliss, very intoxicating bliss. This bliss is only experienced when the kundalinii shakti pierces the ANAHATA CAKRA, the Aerial Plexus. The sadhaka will hear the sound of sea waves or the sound of a gong, and will feel the tactual proximity with God. This tactual proximity with God is called in Tantra 'SAYUJYA SAMADHI' The bliss in this samadhi is indescribable.

    The Fourth Stage of Samadhi is called 'SARUPYA'. This stage is experienced when kundalinii ascends to the VISHUDDHA CAKRA, the Sidereal Plexus. Here in this level of realization the sadhaka will start hearing the Omnkara sound, and he/she will feel that "I and my Lord are One" Now the feeling is not only tactual but also of oneness. The bliss in this state is most intoxicating and usually a sadhaka may fall back unconscious.

    Now by the grace of God a sadhaka may attain the higher level of Sarupya Samadhi, that is, SARSTI SAMADHI. This samadhi is also called full SAVIKALPA SAMADHI. Here the aspirant will realize that "I am Brahma, I am He" The kundalinii here pierces the trikuti or the third eye and attains the stage of omniscience, the state of Luminous Vacuity. The bliss is beyond any description. Many sadhakas will hear the sound of Omnkara even after returning from this samadhi, and they will still hear the universal sound for days or weeks.

    And the final stage, the blessed stage of them all is when the sadhaka finally merges his own feeling of "I" in the divine ocean of objectless consciousness. Here there is no more "I' and "He'. It is either "I' or 'He" alone. This state is called KAEVALYA in Tantra or the state of NIRVIKALPA SAMADHI. The stage of Absolute Liberation. Shrii A'nandamu'rtijii describes this state as "This state of objectlessness being beyond the orbit of the mind, it is not mentally apprehensible. The lingering bliss that follows this state of vacuity is the proof of that state, the means of firm belief in that state."
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    1st Dimension of Psychology: YATAMANA STAGE

    In the beginning of the spiritual journey, the sadhaka starts his/her sadhana with different obstacles assailing his mind and body. This is the state of withdrawal from the body and the crude layer of mind, the Kamama'ya Kos'a.
    The Kamama'ya kos'a is the layer of desire. The movement is extro-internal towards the Citta (ectoplasmic stuff).
    In order to control the baser propensities of the mind the sadhaka/sadhika is confronted with tremendous opposition from Avidya Maya, the force of ignorance. The moment the sadhaka starts sadhana means he/she has declared war on the Force of Ignorance, the sadhaka wants to attain freedom from the bondages of staticity.
    Therefore, the sadhaka will encounter tremendous opposition from within and from his outside environment as well. Relatives and friends will oppose his or her practice of sadhana. They will create all sorts of situations to discourage him from pursuing the spiritual path.
    At the moment of sadhana, internally, the sadhaka will face pains in his/her legs or in other parts of his body, and innumerable thoughts, may be disturbing ideas and imaginations that will try to disrupt his/her sadhana.
    He or she may also find that his/her mind is going wild, that his lack of control is even more than before he started to meditate. Of course not everyone experiences the same; it also depends on each one's samskaras.
    The first stage, the Yatamana, is a challenging period, a period of tests. The Yatamana stage starts at the MULADHARA CAKRA and ends at the level of the MANIPURA CAKRA. The sadhaka will have to gain control of these first three cakras in order to ascend to the second stage.

    2nd Dimension of Psychology: VYATIREKA STAGE

    Now, in the Yatamana Stage you will be able to raise your kundalinii up to the Manipura Cakra, however, as I mentioned, the first stage is characterised by struggle.
    However, in the second stage, the VYATIREKA STAGE, you will feel that suddenly your mind was able to have some concentration, that your mind became a bit one-pointed, and that you start to feel a pleasant feeling inside, a feeling of bliss. Your sadhana suddenly started to become good. You may shed some tears of momentary bliss.
    Not only that, you feel that you start gaining more control over your organs and mental propensities. Also, your relatives start to respect more what you do in your life. This stage of harmony lasts, somehow, for a short period, and then the period of struggle starts again. So your life will feel much up and down, in a fast pace. You are trying to release yourself from Maya, but Maya does not want you free from Her clutches.
    This second stage starts at the MANIPURA CAKRA and ascends towards the VISHUDDHA CAKRA.

    3rd Dimension of Psychology: EKENDRIYA STAGE

    The EKENDRIYA STAGE is more peculiar. Eka= One + Indriya = organ. This is the stage where you gain greater control over your organs and mind. But also you gain control specifically over one organ, or vice versa, one organ or a specific propensity becomes your eye-sore. That is, suppose your weakness is anger or vanity, then due to this propensity you may undergo disruption in the harmony of your life and your sadhana at a certain time.
    But in this stage, your sadhana will become extremely good for certain length of time, now longer than in the 2nd stage. You will find that you have gained a lot of self-control, and your relatives and friends have given up disturbing you, they might think that you are beyond repairs so it is useless to try to reform you, or, at its best they might also join you in your spiritual path. But this is not the perfect stage yet, and something may happen at certain period of your every day life that may disrupt this perfect harmony, sending you into periods of intense struggle or anguish.
    The remarkable characteristics of this stage are that, one, your sadhana has become one-pointed and you may attain different stages of spiritual realizations, and blissful experiences. However, the second part might be a bit dangerous for you: you may develop some occult powers. So this stage is very delicate because you may feel tempted to use these special psychic faculties or siddhis. Here is where surrender and devotion are the most important factor for you. You must surrender totally to your Guru. This is a very subtle period of test.
    The EKENDRIYA STAGE starts at the VISHUDDHA CAKRA and culminates at the AJINA CAKRA.

    The 4th Dimension of Psychology: VASHIKARA SIDDHI

    VASHIKARA SIDDHI can only be attained by the Grace of one's Preceptor. In order to attain this level one has to be firmly established in Dhyana and Parabhakti (Pure Devotion).
    As I said about the THIRD STAGE, EKENDRIYA SIDDHI, one will have to gain control over one particular organ and propensity. Normally that is one's only last weakness. If one succeeds in this then establishment in superior sadhana will occur in no time. But not only that, one will have to surrender all to the feet of the Guru, the Supreme Lord. One will have to surrender one's physical, mental and spiritual possessions, psychic powers, spiritual bliss, and the most difficult of all: ONE'S EGO. It is actually easy to say but very difficult to realize.
    However, the grace of the Guru is always with you. And if you are a bit wise you will understand that His grace is everything, then you will attain VASHIKARA SIDDHI, and then you will have reached the end of your long life's journey to establish yourself in the Supreme Beatitude.

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