The Story of Halahala poison

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    We all know that Shiva is called the "Neelkanth". The story behind the name is certainly one of the most fascinating ones.

    The Devas and Asuras got together to churn the Milky ocean to obtain the Amrita. In the process, they obtained a lot of other products as well, which the Devas and Asuras claimed accordingly. Then, it churned out large quantities of the deadly poion Halahala. The Devas and Asuras turned to Brahma, who pointed his hand at Vishnu. Vishnu advised that only Shiva could consume such large quantities of poison.

    As per the request of the Devas and Asuras, the calm and composed Shiva drank all the poison that came out of the ocean, without regard for its aftereffects. Parvati was quick to react and pressed Shiva's throat tightly. The caused the poison to stay there, giving a blue color to his throat. Hence the name "Neelkanth".

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