True and Inspirational story of Indian Sportswomen

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    At least once in our life time, we all have to stare into the dark face of gloom and adversity. For Arunima Sinha, the question that changed everything was just, "Now What?"

    As a 22-year-old girl, Arunima Sinha was a national-level volleyball player with international aspirations. But, her dreams were crushed, when she was thrown off a running train by goons. They had attacked the train that she was travelling on at night. Over 49 passing trains crushed her leg that night.
    Next morning when she lay on the hospital bed, she felt misery, anger, frustration with life and tremendous self-pity. After recovering, she found herself faced with the question: "From here, now what?".
    She decided not to be let down by the cruel turn of events and with her determination, in the less than two years, on May 21 2013, Arunima became the first female amputee to scale the Mt Everest.

    She is an inspiration for millions.

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